Totilas- Born This Way (Lady Gaga)

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born this way- lady Gaga (removed intro). Clips from Pro, Song belongs to rightful recording companies being used under the fair use policy for…


aaricia van 't noordende says:

i <3 totilas and other horses of course. ;-D

Themagicschleich says:

Awsome! This is cool style ;D

Tina Sarap says:

He was born his way. Awesome horse, awesome rider. Thanks for the video.

Gabriela Rovesti says:

I wanted to ask: can Chestnut Friesians do dressage and show jumping or will they be disqualified? And what is the breed of the horse in the video?

Mike Bucklin says:

dressage is like ballet but for horses! IT’S GORGES GREAT JOB!! one thing i don’t like is how fear he is pulling the head back. but great job any way ;L

Tammy Fenno says:

A vision pleasure to watch these 2. Absolutely Magical. They are so RIGHT together. It is no question in my mind as to why they are making history together. I Love to watch the magic of them. Beautiful is the only thing that comes to mind.

HorseInAStorm says:

If I rode dressage I would be bouncing all over the place XD I can hardly sit down at a canter, which is why I prefer half seat.

Lucas D says:

yeah what a stuck up bi*** she is, I’m sure she can’t even sit the trot!

equiner7 says:

Absolutely stunning!! I could watch this horse and rider all day! Thanks for sharing!

Murat Pauline says:

trop fort !!<3

springhollow says:

I do working western. This is a fantastic horse that is in the upper 99.9% bracket as far as horses go. He is just incredible.

195419771983 says:

Nicole, since you obviously consider your self proclaimed knowledge to exceed one of the top riders in the world, you should contact Edward Gal and offer to give him instruction. Or how about this: Perhaps you should watch more closely to see the horse is never restrained or held hard and in fact is ridden with a soft hand, with barely any tension. Get over yourself, you don’t know that much.

Terri Carroll says:

What of horse? <33 Love you Totilas<333

Paulientje says:

Well here’s a quote that didn’t do its homework. Riding low and deep is as old al classical riding itself, go read Steinbrecht. Only a fool asks where the head is, the real question is whether the back is arched upward, if that’s the case, headposition doesn’t matter. As for Rollkur, it also matters in what way you use it (brief stretching exercise or prolonged showing off). The real problem with Rollkur is people trying to mimmic a picture without knowing what they’re doing.

hartjepoca en buster en jantje says:

totilas <3

hartjepoca en buster en jantje says:

edward gal <3 nederland!

Emily W says:

omg. this is so awesome. they make it look so easy! great job to the beautiful horse and rider!

Ruth J says:

=What great job-has Edward gal-training that horse up-edvanced in linerty-to his -old rides–what a pair-a historical which will be remimebered–must have hurt him to loose that horse- ! from horse riders heart !

gmwwc says:

being very very good at something does not mean your performances are perfect. This performance was impressive to say the very least. Perfect? no. Do I need to do this to recognize the flaws? no. Perhaps what bothers you is someone noticing them? or mentioning them?

TheMsMice says:

That moment, after the test…when u can finally praise your masterpiece for their stunning performance! Nothing like it!

Lilli R says:

at 1:06 did anybody else notice him twisting to get the lead change?

Rogier Prins says:

Once anyone else complaining has achieved the things Edward and the rest of the top riders in the world, then you can complain. Otherwise shut the hell up since they know what they are doing and are the top in the world for a reason.

Share Mamabear says:

wow, this is soo awesome, I never knew there was such a competition! love it!!

Cherie Bogley says:

the mouth of a horse is only as heavy as the hands that are in it…lightness is taught…not bred…since all horses are individuals….some in lightness prefer to come behind the vertical on their own…some on the bit.. and some want to go through it…it is the horsemen that sets the lightness for each individual..the goal in any riding discipline that gets judged on movement..should be self carriage …

xxSpiritxxx says:

Anyone else notice Ed give Toto a sneaky pat at 01:22? 🙂

Saartje05 says:

incredibly stupid reaction

TheMsMice says:

He is stunning!!!!

Kelly Gump says:


marta garcia perez says:

creeme sudas mas haciendo eso que en un partido de futbol. si es un deporte, es mas, es un arte.

polkunus says:

This isn’t a sport

Lauren Eades says:


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