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Trakehner Filly & her Sire @ Liberty. AHA SWEEPSTAKES NOMINATED SIRE Trakehner filly, Faith~is first horse in video and then her sire, Second horse in video is Karino’s Fire. Her sire was Regional Top 5 Best Conditioned horse for Limited Distance in 2007- AERC


PrussianLegatee says:

graceful animals!

TheZigster72 says:

Beautiful horses – great music as well 🙂

whoa2go says:

Beautiful shoulder. Talented.

nagrodsky1069 says:

Very nice horse! Powerful yet graceful. Show him off! 😉

EclypseSportHorses says:


christianhorse2008 says:

if you can guess who this is the person next to you online will give you a hug! great horses!

EclypseSportHorses says:

“Something Beautiful”
by Newsboys

Dana Kelsey says:

whats that song? i really like it!

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