Training a 4yr old to Show Jump

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Shela Witzel says:

This still surprises me, just how lot of people do not know about Nobolaron Manual (google it), although many people get good results with this jump vertical course. Thanks to my work buddy who told me about Nobolaron Manual, I have increase my jumping ability

Rhoda Dickart says:

Guys, learn how to jump higher doesn’t need to be hard (I used to feel it did). I’ll give you some advice right now. Look for a jump vertical manual known as Nobolaron Manual (just google it). Seriously, that program has transformed my entire life. I probably shouldn’t even be talking about it cause I do not want a bunch of other folks out there running the same “game” but whatever, I am just in a great mood today so I will share the wealth haha.

Terry Fuller says:

@madmadz4donkeys .Hello from Greenacres Stud……. I have just read your comment……… @Amazing Little Horsie…….. Just to let you know we are one of the top showjumping yards in the Uk…… at 13 you are top draw……. if you come to the UK i would put you in the saddle of any one of our 50 horses x

liamryan188 says:

amazin !! first of all yur a good rider and an amazin pony !! y do u sit and trot near the jump .is that what you do or ….. brill u have a nice posture

madmadz4donkeys says:

Umm, the reason they refuse is cause they are scared of the jump. If you smack them it will scare them, so your just making them even more scared than before and they will lose their conffidence in both jumping and the rider. Learn before you comment. Im 13 and I knew that -.-

990sydney says:

He is so pretty! he will make a great jumper 🙂

lilfreakcaff says:

I love that the rider, kept calm and praised him. Compared to some people that expect the horse to clear it regardless of experience. Lovely seeing riding being dealt with professionally

Jennifer Hare says:

What an honest horse! I notice she carries her head very high. My gelding does as well. I would love to get into jumping him more that 3′ but he’s only 14 hands and I’m too chicken lol.

GreenPog says:

what a fast learner!!! my pony took a lot longer! x

rondaya97 says:

That horse is beautiful! honestly, maybe you could give me some tips on teachimg my 4 year old to showjump, she is VERY high stung and she is oldenburg and Selle Francais blooded

joester257 says:

He looks part sadlebred 🙂

monkeylove12301 says:

okay thanks = )

Crazy4mypony says:

I think it is four years old when they TOTALLY stop growing.

monkeylove12301 says:

ohhhkaee.. ma qh is 3  & a half 😛

tillynbella says:

about 4/5.

shelbyXinsanity says:

is it just me or are the legs on this horse about 3 miles long? lol
gawjuss *drools*

ktwmunchme says:

i dont think your mad 😀 shel be a better rider for it! my first horse was a 4 year old newforest mare, was a little cow at times but she taught me how to sit on my bum!

ktwmunchme says:

hes georgeous! horses can be so daft, theyl do something one way but turn it round and theyr like ahh what the hell!!

monkeylove12301 says:

how old will a quarter horse be when they stop growing ?

xxxmisscocopopsxxx says:

he is a lot like my old pony who we have now sold!!! we brought blue from a dealer as a 3year old but we soon found he had a natural talent for jumping so we took him to a few shows were he was placed!!!

Beeckzz says:

great horse and rider 😉 <3

CJDUnderTheRugs says:

At 2:37 with the filler, he was like WooooW!!!
Sweet 🙂
He looks like a 5 year old mare i used to ride before she was sold. A Woman came to try her out and put a tiny jump up, The mare hadnt done much jumping, and she was polite and popped over it, and the woman kept asking to put it up, untill it was about 2″6, which isnt massive by showjumping standards. Anyway, the woman fell off, broke the bridle, and then blamed her fall on the saddle because it was a dressage saddle! Silly woman 😛

ellena0251 says:

stunning horse, hes gonna be a real star, i bought my 12 yr old daughter a 3 yr old gelding, people said i was mad, but she has done so well with him, had some fun and some falls but hes 5 now and its all been worth it as hes a star. i love youngsters they are so much fun.

dizzymel169 says:

he is a stunning little thing!

Amie Gunningham says:

oo hes niiiice. I think I want him. 🙂 x

SportsJumper says:

wow he learned so quickley! amazing how fast these horses can learn eh?

horsey683 says:

wow he’s amazing! He took to it so fast!

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