Horse Twins Spring 2009

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Very happiliy birth of twins. Very rare in the breeding of Horses that all survive. It was wonderful what atmosphere I felt in the box of this one day old horse family…


sret113 says:

Can twin foals have different coats?

FencesorFlat says:

Probably because they are twins. If they lived, they’re probably bigger now

Sakura B says:

foal twins are usually smaller than normal or one is normal and the other is smaller

Rebecca Koh says:


jory84 says:

super herzig, hoffe dene 2 goldschätzis gahts guet 😉

Thesnowleopard123 says:

The foal in the video looks a little small

TatianaMarie2 says:

So adorable! Are they Arabians? Just wondering

marty murray says:

Cute how are these babies doing now.

caohorse says:


Keytara1 says:

Adorable. Got a current video of the twins?

Rosa de Nooijer says:

aww, I am in love with them

dizzybrowngirl says:

so cute

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