Aul Magic, Arabian sport horse stallion

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This is the purebred Arabian stallion Aul Magic+/, famous for his movement. He was first trained and shown under saddle at age 15. Shown one year before being retired for breeding, he won 23 championships in a variety of Arabian show classes and open dressage competitions, including two Res. US National Championships in Dressage. Now a hearty 23-year-old, he continues to sire wonderful horses who are following in Aul Magic’s “hoofsteps”! You can see his son Aul Those Socks under saddle at his first show on youtube. For photos and more info about Aul Magic, see: or


HorseLady77 says:

I can’t believe he died last October! D: So sad to loose such a beatiful arabian. RIP Magic xx

Mizzybelly says:

Wow! Love him.. Can he do showjumping?

Grace McCord says:

beautiful such a classic chestnut arab! 🙂

21ilovemyhorse says:

my horse Sa auralee aka dora not the explorer is his daughter and turned out to be a championship reining horse! 🙂

xxitsmyfault says:

he is a show off, i love him 🙂

ponytales2001 says:

Stunning !!! What a wonderful example of an Arabian

freedomfighter84 says:

Great horse.

I had a horse that exactly looked like this one, but the Israeli soldiers mother fuckers shot at and killed it for the sake of fun.

He was bleeding and crying at the same time actually we were crying together.

matteroftime333 says:

His movement just blows my mind.He is a wonderful example for the breed.

Mizzybelly says:


legendarytoo says:

We consider ourselves VERY blessed, and we enjoy sharing this noble stallion with others.

legendarytoo says:

I finally looked it up for you: he got an 8 on his canter from the ATA. Some judges have given him 9s on movement. (Personally, we rate him a solid 10!)

legendarytoo says:

I remember both Bakaladda and WHF Aulani – saw them on a rainy day in NH! Betsy and I conducted the breeding raffle shortly after we had acquired Aul Magic, and Aulani was Aul Magic’s first show champion! Congratulations on your new boy, and best wishes for you both in the future. – Sharon

777NYJetsFan777 says:

I just acquired an Aul Magic offspring this summer, WHF Aulani. He is such an awesome boy. From what I understand, the dam’s owner won the breeding by writing an essay for a stud fee raffle in 1998. Maybe Sharon or Betsy remembers this? NH mare Baskaladda.I’m starting him under saddle and he is doing great. Such a nice mover, so smart, and with tons of try! I’m a lucky girl!

legendarytoo says:

Congratulations! We look forward to working with you in 2009. May you breed the Aul Magic foal of your dreams….

EclypseSportHorses says:

We just had the winning bid in the ATA auction to him, now to decide what mare….
probably Faith~

SundaySilenceFilms says:

beautiful. you are blessed to know him.

legendarytoo says:

Thank you! Many dressage judges have said the same thing. 😉

legendarytoo says:

Yes, in the first volume. Aul Magic is a very special stallion and we are not the only ones who love him!

legendarytoo says:

Thank you. In 2001, Aul Magic was Regional Champion English Show Hack in Regions 2 and 3 (Calif. and Nevada)and Res. Champion at the big Scottsdale show. Many people told us the best Show Hack performance they have ever seen was by Aul Magic. The same year, he competed successfully in open dressage in Calif. and was US Res.National Champion in both First and Second Level Dressage at the Arabian horse national championships.

legendarytoo says:

Thank you. We are very proud of his athletic Crabbet ancestors. Aul Magic is over 80% Crabbet bloodlines and 100% CMK. He comes from some of the finest American foundation bloodlines, especially those from Kellogg and Brown (mostly from the original Blunt foundation Crabbet lines, with other blood from the desert-bred Davenport imports from about the turn of the last century). He has a long, noble and athletic heritage, which he is passing to his descendants.

legendarytoo says:

Yes, he is in the first Chicken Soup for the Horse Lovers Soul book, in Chapter 4 (last story).

He has a lovely temperament that he passes on.

cheekyhorse says:

fabulous horse, the best canter I have seen on an arabian.

hersheyluva says:

wasn’t he in chicken soup for the horse lovers soul as a horse used for kids with behaivor and developmental issues to play with and have “parades” with them

SundaySilenceFilms says:

Aul Magic 🙂 he was in Chicken Soup for the Horse Lovers Soul, am I right?

shimmerE says:

Candence, natural suspension and elevation while being ridden correctly!  This is one of the few I’ve seen in show hack not behind verticle! I am very impressed. Congratulations.

legendarytoo says:

Sorry, can’t remember, but the Trakehner inspector said, “When he started moving, this horse really came alive for us!” He does have a wonderful canter, doesn’t he? Lots of suspension, elasticity. Hilda Gurney gave him a 9.5 score on movement when she judged him in-hand at Scottsdale. His get are getting good movement scores/comments from other dressage judges, too.

EclypseSportHorses says:

What did he score on his canter with the ATA?

brandi52359 says:

What a marvelous “Crabbet” Arabian!

xzoeandmerlinx says:

OMG he is gourgeous 😀 I want one ;D

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