Edward Gal & Moorlands Totilas Kür 90.750% European Championship 2009 UK Windsor

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Дмитрий Широков says:

Этож сколько сил и каких нервных напряжений,стоит всё это и Тотилласу и Эдварду!?
Не когда бы не подумал,что с таким вот удовольствием на это действие буду смотреть!
Спасибо Ирина!
я из ЖЖ

lilnighthorse says:

Well said. Thank you for articulating so well.

I have a lot of respect for these top riders. It is amazing just how opinionated some pple are, repeating snippets they hear from other know-it-all idiots yet do not really understand. I thought horses teach us to be humble…

It is true that empty vassals make the most noise.

GhodiGirl says:

the horse looks happier to me than many dressage horses today. He isn’t wringing his tail like I see in Anky’s horses. He has a freaky way of going but I believe that to be his natural expression.

Bellulu8 says:

I think this is quite A-MAZING! A horse like this only comes along once in a lifetime. Instead of being critical – enjoy the artistry that you see. This is truly ballet on horseback.

ballyjessica says:

I’m as well absolutely disappointed of the hiperflexion tecnique, but this couple is doing it well! I’ve to admit it….If you watch well you can see that the most of the time Totilas is in a correct position. Neck is nearly always the highest point!
Go to really look at what is hyperflexion…we don’t have to see black everithing now…the old school describes it stricktly but we are getting Fanatic!

ballyjessica says:

This is not Rollkur
The horse is not behind the vertical…
I must admit that it is not a correckt extended trot, more spanish trot. Well assembled,neck highest point. Who tells the horse is too much sweathen has to think that Totilas is absolutely concentrated on his job. This concentration is really demanding! Totilas is a Spanish Type Horse, he’s not the sporty type. This Horse is an Artist

peppepio says:

This is not Rollkur!
The horse is really not behind the vertical…
Obwohl er keinen korreckten verlängerten Trab macht, sondern mehr einen Spanischen Trab ( hohe schule), ist er gut versammelt. Der Nacken ist der högste Punkt…(schaut mal richtig hin….) Dass ist ein Andalusier Typ! Nicht der sportliche Typ…..dieses Pferd ist ein Artist!

OneLove77 says:

Er wird total festgehalten.. ich finde dieses Video wirklich heftig.. das Pferd ist geschwitzt als wäre es 3 Stunden nonstop Galopp im Gelände gewesen.. Wo ist die Hinterhand? Ich seh sie nich^^

Peronik123 says:

wenn man da buch finger in der wunde gelesen hat, lacht man dieses pferd aus!

Peronik123 says:

das pferd wurde nicht nach den grundsätzen der dressur gearbeitet. das ganze stimmt hinten und vorne nicht! für dieses rumgestrampel noch punkte zu vergeben….wie kann man sich so täuschen lassen?

sophiepony123 says:

People need to sit back! It was a brilliant test, well ridden and performed. End of.

Valérie Beaudouin says:

Bravo MONSIEUR EDWARD GAL du grand ART, un beau couple, que du plaisir !!!

rumpelstiltskinbees says:

i was there to experience it live- it was totally amazing the crowd were on their feet.

thecrazydolls says:

Oh also, if you will care to notice, Gal never really has a death grip on the curb, infact it is almost always without any pressure at all.

I personally cannot think of any other horse/rider combination at this level and this kind of competition that I have really watched that I can say the same for.

thecrazydolls says:

There is an absolutely wonderful video on here of Toto at the Den Bosch stallion show in Feb, where several times Gal can be seen GIVING the reins forward and you can see the horse TAKE THEM DOWN. He always looks to me as though he is reaching for, and playing with, the bits. Not leaning on them and tanking off.

IMHO a wonderfully trained animal.

thecrazydolls says:

assume because he once did it to Gribaldi or because he was once a pupil of Ankys or simply because hes from the netherlands-and you could almost include wider europe if you were to be very broad-he uses RK/HF. Is it not possible he might have adjusted his methods after the disaster that was Gribaldi?

Totilas always looks as if he is giving his absolute utmost, not like hes freaking out if he puts a step wrong he might need to run for his life.

I will find the vid and send it to you..

thecrazydolls says:

I used to watch this combination and nit pick to the extreme too but truth be told, I find it very hard to fault totilas.

Quick Q, have you ever seen Edward use rollkur on Toto? I realise his use of it with Gribaldi resulted in some of the most veiwed and despised RK pictures ever seen but I have not once seen a picture or a video of him using RK on Totilas. Maybe some low and BTV work but Ive not once seen this horse with his nose buried in his chest.

It makes me angry people just..

JaneDoe1406 says:

this strong Trot is awsome!

weddilo says:

It’s from the movie “pirates of the caribbean” by hans zimmer

LaSkulblaca says:

Perfect Team, I love them!
And I love the Music.
Where is the music at 5:02… from?
I think I know it from a film….

Carl41084 says:

Awesome!!!!!!!! Cannot get enough of this pair!!! They have pushed the bar so high in Dressage!! Very excited for them in the future!

Essippi says:

Totilas is awesome horse !

ChelleRebel says:

Hahahaha, je begrijpt me verkeerd denk k… Uit welk gedeelte van mijn reactie hierboven concludeer jij dat ik zeg dat ik het beter kan? Ten eerste zeg ik dat IEDEREEN altijd zal moeten leren en ten tweede zeg ik het eens te zijn met BoozeFich en het dus NIET eens te zijn met de manier waarop Gal rijdt. Ik kan het niet ‘beter’, WIL ik ook niet. Ik rijd (frans-klassieke) dressuur voor mijn paard, om hem zijn lichaam beter te laten gebruiken. Niet om iets te bewijzen of geld te winnen oid.

bizzybijtje says:

@ChelleRebel: Je kunt het dus beter? Dan zou ik dat graag willen zien…

ChelleRebel says:

Love your sarcasm here. And must say; I couldn’t agree more 😉

ChelleRebel says:

Maybe you are the one who needs to learn a few things :) In the end, EVERYBODY needs to keep on learning!
BoozeFich, I totally agree.
Gorgeous horse, but this test hurts my eyes 🙁

ChelleRebel says:

This has nothing to do with the (french) classical dressage…

gershep1 says:

It’s from the movie Pirates of the Caribbean 3

SchoeneTischlerin says:

Please sign the petition against rollkur!

I can’t post the link here – simply google “petition” and “rollkur”. You’ll find it easily.

oXMissyCreepyXo says:

does anyone know whats the name of the song is?

Karyn64 says:

I said I have been riding 45 years not just riding dressage. I have mainly rode western and the last decade started to ride dressage. Don’t ASSume you know how far I have went either.
Me stating that this horse is trained with rollkur has nothing to do with my accomplishments.

inarinr1 says:

me,a racist ?? What is racist here ? that what now is going on here about edward en totilas ?? That edward is stupid and other nice names ?? Or his sexual preferences ??? look what is written in german about them….

IndianRes says:

Beatriz, do you have a chat with yourself?

beatrizlama says:

nice answer but…after 45 year doing dressage…..you have not ever been anywhere have yoo?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?

inarinr1 says:

this can be only a german respond,without respect,and only out of jalouse because the germans are disapearing from the firsth place….a pitty how most of them deal with it

beatrizlama says:

clearly you are, or at list you are an indocumentaded in dressage topics…let me tell you

beatrizlama says:

I love what you said…I would agree that…dressage techinque is not to be taken as stupid….
Carl Lewis…trained 8 hours a day and nobody said anything about it….suddenly he was caught doing something illegal…please….tell me the name of any dressage horse with addiction problems..

beatrizlama says:

Gracias! por fin español!
Estoy de acuerdo contigo al 100%!!

beatrizlama says:

aha..international judges have to learn or you

beatrizlama says:

maybe because his knees are about to touch his face….jijiji I completely think the same you said 🙂 thanks! you speak much better english than I do…

beatrizlama says:

Wow…i like the people who knows how to write without seeming stupid!:
that was great!!!

beatrizlama says:

Thank you for saying that….!!!!
please….natural movement riders please…dropp this video.Classical Dressage is the combination of technical rider skills and horse aptitudes and responses.
We never said “natural movements” nor we said that in a show jumping did we?
However…TOTILAS is the Best nowadays so is Eduard Gal…

fleur4198 says:

“Это нереально! – Да это нереально, потому что это ЕСТЕССТВЕННО! Т.е. не то, что из лошади выбивают там, и так далее, а он все это САМ делает!” – ЧТО ЗА ПРИДУРКИ???? ДАВАЙТЕ КОЛХОЗНУЮ ЛОШАДЬ ВОЗЬМЕМ? Да у нее 99,999% БУДЕТ!!! Это же “ЕСТЕССТВЕННО” !!
СЛОВ НЕТ>:((((

fleur4198 says:

Walks out on a loose rein?? Sure

Every dressage horse would do that with huge pleasure EVERY TIME the rein are LET to be loose:)….
Anky, for example, has already been taken out by Salinero at prize-giving, so now this poor guy has a breath only at the stalls:)))))….

FeeTurbule says:

A-t-on filmé la crise cardiaque du cheval après sa sortie du carré? Il n’y a pas si longtemps, jamais on n’aurait toléré qu’un cheval entre sur un carré dans un tel état de fatigue et de transpiration… Je trouve que la légèreté, la souplesse, la gaieté manquent. Tout est muscle spectaculaire, compacité, ça m’inspire de la douleur. C’est comme si on lui savait retiré son shema corporel, comme s’il allait tomber sitôt le cavalier à terre, incapable de se mouvoir sans lui.

Bluechildful says:

WOW, thats amazing. RollKur? No,that is not Rollkur. That is an amazingingly talented horse, that likes to show. Watch his tail and his ears – most of the time they are relaxed, no more tension than he needs to perform. And he walks out on a loose rein. Ever seen a Rollkur trained horse do that?

Bellasgirl17 says:

Well, I will write my respons in English, so that everyone can understand it… There is argument about the rollkur, and that the way Totilas walks is not natural. First of all, it is not rollkur, because Totilas’s nose is not behind the leadline, nor is it between his front legs. And dressage isn’t natural… it’s an art. It’s not natural for a horse to walk sideways and with his head down, but this is asked anc accomplished. Quit applying your jealous remarks, until you can do it better!!

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