gribaldi dressage horse

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Mythical anime wolf says:

R.I.P amazing performance…

Elias Ulén says:


TheHaileyWhite says:

Rest in peace

maidmoira says:

totila is well bred

maidmoira says:

bareback and no grip,that would be something

cleostarstudios says:

He lee left a hoof print in our hearts 🙁

jewlzlover45 says:

gribaldi would be my favourite dressage horse go gribaldi!!!

Nastja Pungračič says:

what’s the music for trot and extended trot??

Danique Geen says:

Its sad that Gribraldi died.

annaunddaslicht says:


Klasse ihr “Reitmeister”…geht nur weiter so mit euren Pferden um für Geld und Erfolg

Klasse ihr Richter…bewertet nur weiterhin alles gut was besonders imposant aussieht aber schlecht ist fürs Pferd

Klasse ihr Verbände…gebt nur weiterhin den Taten andere Namen um sie weiterhin erlauben zu können

Klasse ihr Ausbilder von Pferd und Reiter…macht nur weiter die Pferde gefügig und gebt Schülern einen falschen Eindruck


1994SummerBreeze says:

R. I. P. Gribaldi!!!! U will never be forgotten!!!!!!

symphoX15 says:

thank you . really sad 🙁


; because there were problems with his aorta (it was ripped) so sad.. 

symphoX15 says:

what was the cause of his death?

Minztrelisinheaven1 says:


movinon5 says:


jett888 says:


CharlotteGillman says:

what a lovaly horse he was!

mariekoutsouros says:

c’est magnifique!!

maikesponge says:

gutes pferd schade das der eingegangen ist so früh

Mona1001000 says:

It is really a very nice ??
Does anyone know why Gribaldi died??

luludaily says:

He’s sooooo amazing! I loooove Gribaldi. I like him more than his son Moorlands Tortilas… because Gribaldi has a more natural movement. R.I.P Gribaldi… ♥

bizzybijtje says:

@melapons34: That’s not right.
3:22 –  5:58 (canter) is Vanessa Mae- Blessed Spirits.

Hannah Simkins says:

I dont really feel the end of that coment was needed!

Hennikake says:

beautiful horse!

videosdu85 says:

bioutiful !

EquusInfinate says:

Now THAT is how it’s done 🙂 Lovely

Sabrina R says:


muilicous says:

wonderful music, graceful and powerful horse and a good rider! edward gal and gribaldi were a super team!

banditgizmo2244 says:

beautiful horse
how did he die?

1987rania says:


Madelon de Groot says:

Rest in peace Gribaldi,
you’re amazing!

MsRubin4 says:

poor gribaldi

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