14 yr Prix St. George dressage horse for sale.

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Stunning 14 yr 16.2 hand bay trakehner gelding for sale.More than a schoolmaster,this horse has three highly competitive gaits and rock solid training through PSG and I1.With lightness and rideability that will be hard to find elsewhere.Contact David Donnelly for details 949-697-6797 [email protected] frenchlightdressage.com


VivaLavada1 says:

Wouldn’t be much of a schoolmaster if they had a perfect PSG trainer on him. The rider isn’t that bad he is very balanced, he just needs to work on the little stuff. oops on wrong youtube account. I am horsesbigestfan. Love the horse by the way.

ccoetzer says:

Why don’t you post a video of yourself riding to show us novices how it should be done?

S LL says:

Is your horse still available? What is his breeding? Price? Thank you.

tenglish59 says:

PSG horse – Novice RIder!!! (relax, get your legs underneath instead of 10 feet infront and keep your lower leg STILL

jett888 says:

has he sold yet?? and where is he located??

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