Twin palomino foals trakehner x

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Boulderwall once ina life thyme (colt) and Boulderwall one ina million (filly). This video was taen when they were 24 hours old, these were a huge surprise to us as we have our mares scanned to prevent twinning as mares only have at least a 1/50000 chance of carrying and giving birth to live foals. They are by our trakehner stallion Boulderwall ace of Diamonds. both honey and foals are doing great, video updates will follow. featured in horse and hound


Kata Tonic says:

Well you two ladies both seem to be very well educated in all things regarding foals. Nothing worse than 2 women that know everything. I have bred regular old quarter horses for years. Lucky for me I’ve only lost 1 colt in 30 years. We all have our way of doing things and there is a right and a wrong way to do anything. Best of luck to you both. The one set of twins we lost found slipped in the field and that was a sad day…. godbless

Bunchofschitt says:

Thanks for sharing. Beautiful babies and mare.

HORSES122202 says:

10987654321 make a wish post this on ten other videos

Gizathecat2 says:

So good to know your twins are healthy three-year-olds! My sister-in-law’s mare had a foal about the same time yours had twins. Camille had one, and it was a difficult delivery. Spirit is now a big, happy, easy going palomino gelding. Do you have any clips of the twins now that they are grown up?

lavonicamagee says:

I want one

hosweetim89 says:

I wouldn’t mind if the whole video was 24 hours long. I could watch’em all day !

MrKirko1984 says:

Nice!!! Would b great to see videos of the father, too)))

Emura100 says:

Usually mares do not carry them fine, and in the event of twins the mare will usually abort both foals. You choose usually at random, and it is done before they get big. Twinning in horses is extremely dangerous and many times if one twin is not pinched both foals will die and possibly the mare from the strain of birth.

Emura100 says:

Twinning is rare, due to the owners having one pinched off. These twins were not caught, rare but again possible.

Twins, especially fraternal twins, don’t always have to look the same. Look at human fraternal twins, they rarely look identical.

FiestyCat86 says:

The little one didn’t get the same amount of nutrients the big one did and therefore is what we normally call a runt. Twins are very possible and are unheard of because they are culled in the womb to keep the mare and the other foal from having complications. You might wanna get your facts straight sweey, before attempting to call false bullshit.

FiestyCat86 says:

Just curious,, seeing as how she managed to carry them just fine, why would you have killed one of them, also how would you have known which one to take? I would consider it a blessing, not knowing, considering the outcome could have been a very sad and (for me) heartbreaking choice.

Rescuepoor says:

They are lovely, as is mom. How big are they now? Are they normal-sized? Did the small one “catch up” with the bigger foal?
Sorry to be nosy, but so happy both survived and thrived. 🙂

alannaarrr123 says:

i can’t believe how Millie has caught up with thyme! I think she’s a bit bigger than him now as well!

mistynev says:

hi no i didnt know she was having twins my vet scanned her twice so this could be prevented and it was missed both times so i was very shocked to find these two as i would never of allowed her to carry twins

mistynev says:

hi thank you they are now 3 yrs old and and doing very well x

mistynev says:

hia thank you for your opinion fifin1k but as i know my animals better than you and my facts on my animals are right as my vet will verify these are twins born by the same mother on the same day 5 miniutes apart they are now 3 yrs old and both alive and well, you are right in what you say that they hardly ever survive but some do as mine did so perhaps get your own facts right before shouting your opinions on something you know nothing about!

fifin1k says:

Those aren’t twins. One obviously bigger and older. Twin foals hardly ever, should say never, happen, one or both will die, or have complications. Get your facts straight.

sylverclaws says:

Woow, that’s impressive not to mention unusual. Twins are rare, as you probably know, but it’s even more rare they’re born and able to walk because they get so cramped inside mom! The little one looks a bit more wobbly, but otherwise good, it’ll shape up I’m sure. Pretty horses. :3 My best wishes that all went well with them!

nicknameissquirt says:

The mare isn’t letting then nurse!!!

horses24luke says:

Baby say come back mom

VampiresvsWizards says:

AWWWW!!! The Mom is like “Omg 2??”

Horsepassion4life says:

ah cool!

countrybabe561 says:


Anna Broadbent says:

There have been many twins born, it’s just not common. The dam will favor one foal over the other which is why one is smaller as she will only let the stronger one drink first and more often.

xxxhorsepony says:

twins are not only born in wild. i don’t know where you heard that but that’s so not true. and all twin horses have a bigger and smaller foal, thats why it maybe looks like their from a diffrend age.

Mylittlefoal11 says:

Btw there sooo cute!!!!!

Mylittlefoal11 says:

Twins are only born in the wild and very rarely r these actual twins or similar different aged looking foals. That’s weird coz they’ve got same markings . Maybe all my research and knowledge about horses is wrong ?

bettyboop boopy says:

My horse has had two foals lots of times no biggy

UberMan5000 says:

“Geez, none of the other mares have to deal with this… ¬_¬”

Sweetrubytuesday says:

I just love colts,foals,EVERYTHING! It’s just so amazing that these to beautiful colts are alive. Very risky, The both could of not made it! It warms my heart to see living mammals.

ktgodwin100 says:

Both foals will make it – I have no doubt that if one is not thriving, the owners will supplement to help it thrive. Was a joy to see twins!

reidminds99 says:

Omg I love the smaller one!

Horsepassion4life says:

OMG they are identical twins! haha so cute! Hope they both make it 😀 (did they?)

UberMan5000 says:

The mare’s probably thinking “Geez, a one in fifty-thousand chance and I get stuck with TWO of these little buggers? My teats are going to be rubbing against the ground at this rate!”

shovoutrocks says:

no worries boys r bigger than girls

MsBeatrice2006 says:

So gorgeous to see twins. Thanks for posting the video x

lifegaurd100 says:


lifegaurd100 says:


lotta077 says:

soo cute! *–*

Ponypal95 says:

Aww! They both have the dark tipped tails and white faces like mama!

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