Edward Gal and Moorlands Totilas 90.7% KUR European championship Windsor

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Char1ssaS says:

Too bad that they just can’t shut their mouths… It’s impossible to enjoy the music in combination with horse now..

Johanna Åberg says:

Not just the most amazing horse in the world, but the most amazing RIDER. Edward has an incredible gift…
Im sure he could make a cow presentable in St George at least 😉

Saskia Diamond says:

2:47 how the hell should he hit himself in the teeth with his knees ??? The knees aren’t part of his forelegs !!!

Kgersemi Karsten says:

laß bitte nicht von irgendwelchen möchtegern Reitern anpflaumen.
Weiter so.

egal120 says:

unfortunately the cameraman is NOT doing his job very well. who would show the horses head when it’s doing flying changes?
but the horse… wow this extended trot.. the legs can’t be higher;)

Megract says:

Bonjour, quelqu’un connait-il les différentes musiques utilisées svp? Merci.

majajonssonn says:


Shaddowphax says:

His extended trot is just breathtaking, he’s so light in his shoulder and all the weight sinks through his hocks, seriously looks like his floating. Also the passage and piaffe work is stunning, such high energetic action. I would love to ride him, he looks so calm afterwards

Gal1up says:

WOW this is an amazing pair! this horse has great talent, I’m impressed! and you can tell he’s really enjoying himself :)

AngeltheAwesome says:

What a STUNNING horse!

Sunsunny13 says:


Robin Young says:

That was awesome. The horse is on the bit and not over flexed and you know what I love the most is that he isn’t swishing his tail with every contact of the legs like alot of them do because they are unhappy or annoyed.

Sofia D says:

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this performance. However, sometimes I wish dressage could be done without such heavy bits and bridles and equipment…but nonetheless, the performance was flawless!

CiteriaHorgan says:

Beautiful By far the best dressage kur I’ve seen! His coformation is what helps him alot collect himself. He is the ideal Baroque horse, short back and nice quarters, able to collect and put most weight in the back even felxed at the poll, seen here.

Cecilia Lang-Ree says:

this is absolutely amazing.

AsiaBrown3 says:

This horse and rider are truely dancing! Its gorgeous.

ChestnutLady says:

Get a life, the horse and rider wouldn’t be Internantionally famous and breaking records at almost all the big Competitions if they were bad.

LaDoverholt says:

I just love it. There are absolutely no limits to what this horse can do. He’s amazing!
I get shivers every time I watch it!

HKW1994 says:

I always get a shiver when watching this, especiall when he does his extended trot and pirouettes =)

I can’t believe he set ANOTHER world record of 92.300% at the very next show (Olympia)! The one year I decide NOT to go and he goes along and does that….damn!

ariayuuki says:

today i saw the world cup, and this horse won 🙂 he is fantastic !! i was so impressed by his perfomance, he is the best, the music was a grat choice for such a prideful horse (L)
whats the name of the song ? could you tell me if you know please ?
thank you 😀

Panthera911 says:

i could do that.. anytime.. 😛

yamum1236 says:

your a joke

yamum1236 says:


ItsNotAboutTheHorses says:

I’m wondering who your trainer is that was Olivera’s student that uses rollkur. I’m interested in looking her up. Thanks!

JayKayJulie says:

sooo elastic with free moves and he do it with fun …
edward sits amazing!!!!!
it looks easy and relaxed…
so it must be!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wessi31 says:

absolutly shit!
there is nothing real.
i never want to ride like Mr. Gal !
Look at Annabel Balkenhols Dablino. He shows real dressage!

xxxVEERLE says:



they where offered 10 million for this horse at the young horse clases but the owners rejected

rondaya97 says:

Absolutley lost for words!!
This horse must be worth a fortune!!
He is absolutley and he brings tears to my eyes!

FuckReligionFuckYou says:

Having a rather small or big horse doesn’t have such a big effect on how far you can come. Both have their (dis-) advantages. The reason why Totilas can walk like this is because like they say in the clip, he’s very compact, there’s a lot of muscles in a small amount of horse. 🙂

HeartsonFire16 says:

This is what I picture when I ride my young horse… how awesome would it be to ride like this? He is gorgeous – and I love the fact that he is a smaller horse. Not this enormous thing! My horse is small too, and we have big dreams! Good luck with your riding!

charlie38ful says:

Pretty much brings me to tears. This horse loves doing his job, an he is so dam good at it ! 😀 Love him, When i ride my Ele qual on Sunday, i’ll trying to ride as beautifully as Edward

Marlena Kurz says:

hey, this is a free country. Nobody said that I HAD to “ooo” and “ahh” over a horse that isn’t REMOTELY even when trotting and who’s pole isn’t the highest point. It would be different if this was a regular rated show and he won, but this was a huge international competition.

Marlena Kurz says:

hey, this is a free country. Nobody said that I HAD to “ooo” and “ahh” over a horse that isn’t REMOTELY even when trotting and who’s pole isn’t the highest point. It would be different if this was a regular rated show and he won, but this was a huge international competition.

HeartsonFire16 says:

@RRhapsodylover: I don’t understand why people like you have to criticize these types of performances. Any rider, regardless of their discipline, should look at that and be awed. I know what it is like to sit on that type of performance – and when you feel that, any negative things you may have said about it are immediately gone. You are in no place to judge something that you have never experienced. It is one thing to watch it or to read about it, it is completely different to know it.

HeartsonFire16 says:

Like I said, the judges knew what they were doing and they thought he was deserving of the score. So what if he wasn’t tracking up “perfectly” in your mind, and so what if his pole is an inch or two lower than it “technically” should be. If it was a perfect performance, he would have gotten 100%. But it was certainly close enough.

Marlena Kurz says:

I never said that I could do it better–because I know I can’t. You can look at all the comments that I posted and see that I did not say ONE THING about doing this better than Edward Gal can.

HeartsonFire16 says:

This is dressage, this is what it is supposed to look like – effortless and graceful. If you don’t like it then you shouldn’t watch it. This is the real dressage world.

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