Conrad Homfeld – Abdullah – LA 1984

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Abdullah – Trakehner 1970 (Donauwind – Maharadscha – Absalon – Alaskafuchs). Show jumping Los Angeles 1984 – Team 2nd round.


Nicole H says:

Wow! No wonder my horse can jump! This is my mare’s grandfather.

marcepa48 says:

I have a daughter and grand daughter of Falke never Olympian but a fine show stallion and I noticed that she also cantered in arabian style. I ask her for more jump to her canter and she responds. I used to have a poster from these olympics on my door I love him

Fantageous says:

My random comment doesn’t make a bit of difference for a show jumper…. Nonetheless, that’s an impeccable grooming job! The coat is supremely white. You can even see an evident sheen. Just admiring the aesthetics because grey’s are sooo beautiful when they’re spotlessly clean. However, after a few days of turn out, you’re presented a horse with yellow and brown spots that take industrial strength stuff to remove.

Fantageous says:

well, he is a Trakehner.  This breed does possess an infusion of Arabian bloodlines in its ancestry.

CHEVYedsf says:

I meant how he doesnt bend his legs very much. Alot fo arabs do that when cantering.

iluvhorsesjna says:

wat r u talkin about? he moves like a warmblood! haha!

DrAg0nFly97 says:

I just LOVE the way he jumps 🙂
Amazing horse!

Debbie Lawrence says:

I saw Abdullah jump here in NH years ago…the only word I can use to describe his jumps is that he floats…he literally floated over the jumps…It’s something I’ll never forget. Thank you Abdullah.

CHEVYedsf says:

This horse moves too much like an Arabian :L

Between3and25 says:

Thanks so much for posting these Olympic videos.  I have been enjoying them. DO you have Touch of Class’s round?

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