Boo’s biggest XC to date

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As title. My friend Shauna (Savvylover211, her clips are on her page) and I took Boo and Phoebe up to Tullymurray were we met the lovely Alice (AllyEquestrian). Sorry if the videos abit long and/or boring. The mares jumped out of their skins, we jumped some pretty big fences too so good day all round!! Alice rode Boo too and I jumped her mare callie (who is so similar to Boo to ride!!) This is probably the hardest XC Boo has done to date, this was her 5th time ever!! Jumped her first trakehner, some big hedges and drops etc, love taking her XC, she’s just so game :]


Cassidy Himmelberger says:

Is Boo an easy ride? I can’t even tell cause you ride her so well! xx

Rachel7861 says:

your legs never move! your position is amazing.

IzzyLovesPonies0209 says:

U and Boo r by FAR the best horse+rider on youtube gr8 riding:)

Pilar Rae Schrage says:

boo looks awfully pretty in this video more than usual

DarcyEquestrianx says:

1 dislike? Nice try Ellen Whitaker!

Roisty09 says:

1 dislike?!?! Obviously someone is jealous of Boo’s spectacular jumping skills!

deborah64554 says:

I thought my horse could follow up to about 4:00, and then I could just picture him saying, “Uh… NO!”

lovehorseback says:

Is that water jump a man-made jump, or is it natural?

LiveLoveBreathHorses X says:

Was that the first time u met Ally?

turpoemmelie says:

So cool 😀

ashleighrauen says:

awesome pair! Fun to watch

heyitsSaffron says:

in love with your horse! 🙂 <3

Ana Gryko says:

The song is Dirty talk by Wynter Gorden LOL

Lordsangels03 says:

The song is Dirty talk by Wynter Gorden LOL
GREAT JUMPING every time I watch you and Boo I feel as is I just had a lesson haha great team!!

Ilovehorses149 says:

whats the song called?:)

Clare Kane says:

do u live in ireland?by the way lovely horse!!!

10PeterRocks says:

Two youtube legends in the same video… what to do……♥

sammy naidoo says:

Your a really good rider and i love your horse my ponie would have stoped at half of those jumps! 

larissa rank says:

whats the name of the songs

Pferdedreamer says:

You are a realy good rider and boo is a fantasic horse.Together you are perfect!!!

swiftyfan says:

To all of these jumps, my horse would just have stopped and said; what the fuck are you trying to make me jump ?

CatEatsCat101 says:

I want boo!! What breed is she? and you are an AWESOME rider!! 🙂

3luvanimals says:

OMG amazing jumping girl!! Can i ask, whats this songs name? 🙂

shelbylaugharne says:

wow your horse is amazing and your a really good rider :Dx

Fabiooo1111 says:

A.M.A.Z.I.N.G! Love this video soo much! Whoever disliked this must have pressed the wrong btton.. otherwise there is something wrong with them!! Really great video! I love it! Wish i can ride like you some day! 🙂

MCRrox838 says:

You guys go over those jumps like theyre cross rails! i wish i was as good as you…

Beeny295 says:

I want to be you god damnit TT_TT You look so confident when you ride not to mention the fact that you’re brilliant at riding anyway!!! I’m pretty much petrified of jumping but I do really want to jump and atleast try XC

swpanara12 says:

boo is so athletic!!! i love you guys! keep up the good work!! 🙂

asheventer says:

I think it’s just tape. Whenever I go cross country schooling, i always use electrical tape or duct tape to keep the boots on.

horseluver4309 says:

i hope when im older i ride just like you

horseluver4309 says:

AMAZING RIDER!!! your really good

Shamrockk58 says:

Is that pontsipool xc course

Hazelnutcasenz says:

Is the red on Boo’s boots just tape or are they part of the boot?

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