Ballerina foaling

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datsyhoehoe says:

Actually, 1978vollrath is right about pulling the foal downward toward hocks rather than straight out. You are supposed to pull when she pushes, only! If you can leave her be and let her do it herself, even better. The only thing that I like to do is clean the membrane from the foals mouth and face.Unless it’s a critical situation,Mother nature knows best. A like to wrap the mares tail, as well, as it keeps it cleaner, but it keeps it from interfering with the foal’s exit and you can SEE better!

TaoYingarrani says:

natural water likely a mixture of birthing fluid to slicken the entrance making it easier for the foal to come out. and perhaps urine as well.

katebf says:

I think mares have foaled for thousand of years without human help with no prob.

MsBeaglefan says:

what a gorgeous mother and filly!

Keirud says:

What a beautiful little creature! I hope she’s healthy and enjoying life! (For all we know that man did what was best for the mare and foal, stop critizing.)

josta steenbekkers says:

the result count a living foal

Fullmetal Alchemist Edward Elric fangirl says:

The filly’s so cute, but I have to agree, he pulled ger out to quick

Saartje05 says:

You’re totally right.

Saartje05 says:

You don’t just start pulling, you can damage the mare and foal. Also the left leg was almost out and you need to give the mare the time. A woman doesn’t deliver a baby in seconds either. Also the man DID pull the foal out right, so you’re just behaving like you know but actually you don’t.

Hunter Famiskis says:

whats the liquid stuff? is it her water?

shilodance1st says:

Actually, most births would go better if people would stop interfering, and just let nature take its course. How many millions of horses have been born without the anxious human stripping off the caul and “cleaning up” the foal. My mare still has permanent scars and a twisted leg thanks to humans who felt they had to put chains on her to drag her out of her mother. When her foal is born, unless it is in distress, I will trust to my mare to bear it.

TheCherrijean says:

oh well i guess other than craftygurl15 i learned somehthing new :p

xbabyboycolbyx says:

tbh the way a good horse birth will go is she break her waters and when shes pushing she will push to about the head or shoulders and have a break then push again then after the horses hips are out shell have a break then the rest is pretty simple the mare wasnt in any strain at all so tbh ur looking like the amature :L

unicornrainbow17 says:

Awwwww! What did you name her?

philippa144 says:

no, you don’t cut it, the foal usually lies with its back legs inside the mother for a while while blood passes from the blood vessels in the cord into the foal. When the mother stands on her own after this rest period the umbilical cord will break

craftygurl15 says:

i have a question how does ubical cord come off if it has to be cut i dont get this because my mare is pregnant please reply

CrushersCharisma says:

So they don’t injury the mother. Do human babies move around when being born? No, same with other animals.

CrushersCharisma says:

They don’t move until their hips pass through.

Shinketa says:

It looks dead because it can’t really move when its mother is still pushing I guess

horseyshoes101 says:

how come when a mare is foaling, the foal looks dead?

AlyssaFgt says:

as soon as a realized what “foaling” ment i stopped watching Dx

matt73 says:

Yes, and many horses and their foals die in the wild 😉 There are many things that can go wrong. You want to do everything to ensure a safe, quick delivery.

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