I feel it all || Feist || Kastone || FIRST TIME EVER WITH MY OWN CLIPS! :DDD

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|| Treasure Box || Well, I guess my holidays are over but to be honest, I missed school too much x] Though I’ll miss Kastone D: I’m missing her already! :c || The Holiday || So, what I did over the 6 weeks? Well we arrived to Lithuania, Vilnius(The capital) at 1am which I was seriously tired and straight went to bed. I stayed at my grandma’s and grandad’s house 😀 It wasnt just me but my mum and sister too! ^^ We relaxed after the arrival for few days at home and then went to town and such and then at my uncles. He owns a village which is fun to stay at 😀 My sister loved running around barefeet ;D And me of course loved nothing more than spending my time with Kastone wasting my time hugging her :3 Sadly my mum and sister could only stay for a week so the rest of my time I was alone.. sort of.. well my friend who’s my grand’s neighbourhood was fun to stay with ^^ But me and cousin had other plans making my grandma come with us to the beach xD We had lovely time there staying for a week with an outstanding view of waves outside the balcony though I could barely sleep but I could only enjoy the week as I’ll have to wait another year for the waves to hush again x3 Yeah when I returned to the capital, I stayed few days more with my friends and then went back to my uncles. I had great fun with my cousin too though he wasnt as much important LOL ;D Just kidding x3 We made too much trouble though :SI had plenty time to footage Kastone and other nature around us :DI flew back to


Caterpii says:

Thought that was coming ;D Ok, I’ll work on that then ;3

oxWiLdHoRsExo says:

for equestrian idol i only take pro clips videos…so youll have to enter a pro clip vid of urs 😀

Caterpii says:

I know I did so if they will not like it, I just wont get through the next round, simple as that x3

WondersCreated says:

She let it as an entry. So…haha.

XoDonutxBreyeroX says:

has to be taken by pros

WondersCreated says:

Ha, These basically are.
Amazing filming job. (: Vid edit was good too.

XoDonutxBreyeroX says:

you have to use pro clips for eq idol

Caterpii says:

Sony vegas pro 9 x3

Caterpii says:

Nearly 2 years of experience with sony vegas xD

BexaEquestrian4 says:

how do you do all that with vegas???? 😀

Caterpii says:

Sony vegas pro 9 ^^

HyperShame says:


Cathytaylor96 says:

What software did you use?

Caterpii says:

Thank you! Sony vegas pro 9 ^^

Caterpii says:

@ShowJumpingGirl4ever Huh? Oh right, thanks 😀

oxWiLdHoRsExo says:

probs in like 2 weeks

tinyflyer says:

this is amazing. what editor did you use?

Jump4TheStarz says:

this is amazing!! I love it! It’s just so beautiful!

WildCathy7 says:

nice vid

shortyloveshorses says:

this is beautiful! lovely editing job!

Brocksy16 says:

I loved the style of your edeting in this clip ♥

MeeriiBokawa says:

Amazing O_O ;)

Caterpii says:

When does it end? o:

hannahbanana623 says:

amazing. you’re one of the best editors on youtube. seriously

martymoo357 says:

sooooooo good=D

MadeinCanadaSHADOW says:

wow friggn amazing, how is this even possible?!

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