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gismor1996 says:

Perfect horse!!! :-O:)

nagrodsky1069 says:

Fantastic Stallion. I really like his son Bond James Bond. He really has Oscars good looks and Karisma.

myhorse3 says:

I love him……. i want him….^_^

DressageDreamer1234 says:

God, he’s gorgeous!

beatrice svensson says:

omg, what a sweetie :*

nagrodsky1069 says:

Fantastic Stallion.

DogwoodTrace says:

He is a really beautiful horse! I know one of his babies and she’s a really nice horse as well!

EclypseSportHorses says:

He’s beautiful, well done video.


I fell in love

AlmoxPrincessJ says:

i love him!

horsiegals says:

Gorgus horse i loveeeeeee him!

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