Rollestone Kharma Being Born

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Short video of Kharma’s birth – out of a trakehner mare by a Knabstrupper stallion. A video of his first few moments is also on youtube To see more pics see


spiritshy says:

she was so noisy, seemed to struggle more than the other mares. still beautiful and incredible to witness though. (wish video’s were longer)

prettyponybaby2007 says:

Ah! The miracle of life never ceases to amaze. Beautiful mare.

Blackhorsecladdagh says:

what an awesome mixture!! trakhenner x knabstrupper!

Jacbriding says:

you can hear the other horses nickering for her.

queendraft says:

the grunting she was making broke my heart. its crazy what they gotta do to get the thing out :p

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