Kostolany – Famous trakehner stallion (Totilas, Blue Hors Matine…)

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if anyone has the equitana 93 demo or other equestrian archives, I would love to see it. Just send me a private message* (1985 – …) Kostolany had a huge i…


Kelley Shetter-Ruiz says:

I have a gelding by Kostolany that means the world to me. He looks just like his daddy.

schnick schnack says:

wow it´s a nice horse

Sophia Lange says:

Ab 2:4 finde ich es gut. Nur noch das Zaumzeug aus. So müsste totilas dann gehalten werden:))

Victoria Lee says:

Kostolany….it is a joy to watch you…your blood is timeless…..You are not of this Earth….♥
from a Trakehner Stallion – Ikor by Rubin (21 & 1/2 years young) in Jalisco Mexico…♥

Jessie Harmer says:

Stunning, I had the pleasure of riding on of his son’s was trained to Grand Prix, sadly passed away at 22

B. Langels says:

Zeitlebens Hauptbeschäler im Trakehner Gestüt Hämelschenburg
– Siegerhengst – S-Dressur erfolgreich – Großvater von 3 WM erfolgreichen Pferden

wallflowlie says:

Er ist ein wunderschönes Tier!

Lena Loesche says:

Mein Traki hat ihn sogar zwei mal im Stammbaum, ist kaum zu verleugnen 🙂

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