Tommie Turvey and his horse “the Black” at Liberty

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Tommie shows his Liberty training with his newest Liberty horse, the Black. The Black, born in 2007 is a Trakehner stallion. The Art of Liberty is when you communicate with your horse by using body language and voice to direct your horse. The horse makes the decision to be there with you. Unlike “de-sensitized” horses who just follow the leader, Tommie wants his horses to keep and have their spirit. He teaches them to think, make decisions and most of all, be a horse. Horses will run away, but they make the conscious decision to come back. This video was shot in Dec. 2011 at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas for a liberty demonstration.


Maria Thelin says:

The Black is worth more than 1000000 million dollars 🙂 because black stallions are different. They save girls i can show you a video soon 😉

equineextremist says:

The Black is a Trakehner stallion.

Elizibeth T says:

Beautiful horse, what breed?

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