Edward Gal and Moorlands Totilas, KUR Olympia dressage London 16.12.2009 – 92.300%

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vivalaLIV428 says:

32 people are absolutely insane… I’m not even a big dressage person and that performance was I absolutely incredible

BarbaroFan1302 says:

Big mistake ! Totilas and E. Gal were a Team , Totilas don’t enjoy his new Rider

HorseCrazyGal805 says:

One word-AMAZING

Lightningstime says:

This is such a great horse…

dava5mata says:

Hey guys. Fabulous video clip clip.

My good friend was once fat. He went from 285 lbs of pure fat into 214lbs of total muscle. We think it is stunning! I just joined personally coz I wish to make improvements to my whole body. He used the Muscle Building Bible (Google it)…

celina9292 says:

Totilas: don’t you dare.. take me in the paddock when we get home!.. i will run to the stables.. :3

4x4Girl14 says:

Me too! Bold and dramatic music really fits this horse’s movement and presence 🙂

xLisa1D says:

Dit was onze Nederlandse Trots.. 

Ellie Payne says:

i have shivers run down my spine whenever i watch this, along with valegro and blue hors matine… they are in my eyes perfection!

Saartje05 says:

Or what the fool gives for it. The horse can still do it. But NOT with Shockemöhle as owner and that rider who ruins him. I heard the horse is totally stressed out. No wonder. Ever seen what Shockemöhle used to do with his horses?

Elizabeth Morrow says:

true. like maybe 1 or 2 million

Saartje05 says:

No, it will still be millions, but not the 13 or 14 million he was sold for

Elizabeth Morrow says:

so true he is probally worth a few thousand dollars now

Saartje05 says:

it never worked. I know they´re trying to get Totilas back to Holland. Don´t know if it works. But his price went down for sure. They won´t get those many millions anymore.

Elizabeth Morrow says:

i saw Totilas with his new rider on tv, the new guy uses a harsh bit, and he uses the most obvius signals, and the fact that the guy is not nearly so good as Edward Gal

eltonstarr says:

i think this is the best dressage combination we will ever see; they should not have sold him on

Toxxic Asphyxia says:

amazing partnership.

iamadreammachine says:

I think the thing that really get’s my respect for Edward Gal and his partnership with Totilas, is that he is able to smile and be so happy without knowing he has the best score and things like that, to know that he truly cares for this horse. And Totilas seems quite happy with Edward Gal, or he was happy with Mr.Gal.

melaniebuenting says:

Totilas ist ein sooooooooooooooooooooo tolles Pferd aber für Totilas tut es mir richtig leid mit der Rollkur

SilverstoneJA says:

those were the times when Totilas was still fantastic… anyone seen just now Balve? “Totilas is my best friedn” as a song…..and the sad part: nope, he and Rath are definitely NOT friends as you could see…

horsegirl555100 says:


Tessa Williamson says:

Absolutely Amazing this makes me cry everytime I see it. No-one else should ride this fabulous horse except Edward Gal 🙂

luvuwil says:

breathtaking performance

18phoenix7 says:

Loving the use of the Pirates of the Caribbean music in this :’)

Anieki28 says:

@irismaeconn Should be “Oxygene 13” from “The Symphonic Jean-Michel Jarre” by the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. He uses another one “Equinox 4” too.

wallflowlie says:

Traurig, dass so ein “Superstar” nicht auch mal “Pferd” sein darf…….

ThePurplegirl1234 says:

I used to live only two minutes away from the Schafhof, where he lives now, but then I moved, and a good friend of mine has already seen him, since a good friend of her moms has a horse there. Now THAT I call a big mistake (Too bad that I moved)

piaff007 says:

Love this horse but such a pity the first extended trot barely tracks up!!! (this is often the case) LDR! training showing. Rath, gets bad comments for the horse ducking his head in the halt yet he does it her also!

Saara Silvennoinen says:

Totilas is premium!♥

Miidget95 says:

goose flesh *-*

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