pesade 4/2010

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BonVuaz says:

Bon Voyage is german trakhener by Gribaldi

Suxiis says:

Very beautiful horse. What breed is he?

BonVuaz says:

Well yes, and that’s just what the movement called pesade is all about…

dutchess10116 says:

no offense but thats jsut like a rear but the horse stays up a little longer

NeverScoot says:

Wow !

Ayla Harbich says:

Amazing…. !

AlwaysHorseLove says:

Very well trained horse!

03firefly says:

I’ve watched couple videos of Bon Voyage and I have to say, this one really got me. You can see his strength, balance, and intelligence in one 10 second clip. He’s a beautiful horse.

leenett says:

such good balance!

XblindelveX says:

Once more. 😀 Looks so beautiful!! 🙂

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