Bambi Foaling

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mironbianca says:

not help him shoot..

juliem7878 says:

is this foal rollestone boromir?

Elle7491 says:

In the wild if the pregnancy went wrong then that would be it. Natural selection, survival of the fittest. But since this is someones horse and they have the abillity to care for it they would lend a helping hand if needed meaning more chance of success and survival. Exactly the same with us and hospitals and doctors

Stephanie Fitting says:

I would of helped her!!

pokemonrule88988 says:

I could tell the foalwould be beautiful when I saw the mare ^.^

fababb22 says:

some on should or helped that poor mare i afree with kingston! x

TheCrazyRayFamily says:

Aww bless she was struggling poor mare. I’m amazed in the difference btwn foaling how some mares seem to have no distress at all. Suppose like us humans eh?

muddhollow says:

it is always wise to help the mare in foaling. espciacally if the mare stands up during birth.

Hannah Morris says:

well someone helps at end any way so what difference would it of made if you done it a tad earlier eh lol

Camgurlof1990 says:

I agree, however, this is the natural way it was done, 600 years ago there weren’t any vets. This was how it was done. Mind you, there was no cameras, lol.

mermaidamp says:

Who names a horse Bambi? 

Triinusmus says:

What about helping the mare???? It’s 10 times as hard for her when she has to do it herself!

crystalwolf2006 says:

Nah, it’s another of their mares. Note the dates, Ballerina and Bambi’s foals were born in the same breeding season.

Pumanic says:

Oh hell no, that is hardly true at all, helping her getting the foal OUT does NOT interfere, clinging to the foal afterwards does. When the foal only has one leg out and it’s other leg is stuck you should always help, or the mare could injure herself, and the foal can suffocate.

Cynder091 says:

Is this the daughter of Ballerina that is giving birth?

iletektelen says:

and when the horses were wild….?

Giselle B says:

that mare needed help…one shoulder was locked…that foal coulda died…good lord !

Pumanic says:

In the wild mares and foals die every now and then, same with tame ones, if they are not helped when it is needed during labour. This mare should have gotten help, the foal was not presented right. The mare will not reject a foal that is helped to get out, if you leave the foal alone once it is out and breathing, and then leave the mother to do the rest. In the few cases that a mare reject a foal, it is simply because she wanted to, and human interferance is not a must for that.

Pumanic says:

In any case of the foal not being presented right, you should help the mare. As for the mare rejecting the foal, that is not more common in cases where they were helped – a mare that is not interested in her foal will most likely not be interested in if with or without proper help. A wrongly presented foal is painfull, and dangerous, for both mare and foal.

PregBellies09 says:

Not every mare needs help foaling, some yes, but there are wild equines, they foal on their own all of the time, no help. It may take sometime, but birthing isn’t the easiest thing to do. You can of course assist the mare, but most don’t recommend it unless there are signs.

Sydney Andrews says:

i was like is that foal coming out or what?

doggieram says:

whew i got winded just watching!

mido851114 says:

At what point exactly you should interfer to assist the mare be foaling?

Elyssa Fernette says:

I HEART horses!!

syren345 says:

Congrats on the foal! Is it a filly or colt?

mountainwildfire says:

great foaling. 😉
youtubers sure do get passionate with their online bickering don’t they? lol.

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