Jumping 4′ on my Trakehner

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This is my new horse, Zuri. He’s a 17 hand Trakehner gelding that has shown at the Washington International horse show and is still going pre-lims! I can’t wait to start eventing him! wish us luck! Oh and feel free to comment and make suggestions. I’m always open to advice!


lopermina23 says:

Why is everyone being mean you guys are all just jealous of her because she jumped that high and she has a beautiful horse… Try to be respectful. She wanted to show you her accomplishment and you all shot her down. You guys are nice

Cassie Clark says:

How tall is he? You two look really good together!

StarHorseLover1 says:

Why is her/his head up like that? He/she looks terrible! You have a very fancy breed of horse but have no idea how to make it look good. Or jump right…

raraxavis says:

Actually, I worked seven days a week working two jobs to pay for that horse and his board. I earned every bit of Zuri, and by no means have ever been “spoiled” by material things. It makes you appreciate things better when you know you worked hard for it and have no one to thank but yourself. : )

StormValleyStables says:

First, you didn’t let him see the jump correctly before you got like 2 strides away, Also, if your having trouble in dressage, my advice is to not jump so high until you get a good dressage basis down

Croniarth says:

he reminded me a lot of my own trakehner 🙂

TheEnergyDrink says:

He makes the jump look so small!
Beautiful horse

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