Clinic on Danny Day 2 – Canter Work (C)

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12/10/2006 – Second day of two. Clinic with Tom Noone on my Trakehner gelding, Danny. We are schooling 2nd level. I apologize again, some of these were extremely dark. I did my best to lighten them. It may still be hard to see. 1st Part – Doing some counter-canter. When we went back across the diagnol he wanted more canter, I didn’t sit enough and Danny kind of came against me, but then we put it back together. Then tried again on the long side, went much better. It is hard to see though. We weren’t going for huge and impressive either, just getting the correct idea for him and I. We know we can get more later. 2nd Part – Canter to walk. 3rd Part – Counter canter the other way. Woo this was a mess. You can see him not wanting to connect. Then made a messy turn. Broke, but we pulled ourselves together, got a good walk to canter and the rest of the counter-canter was much better. 4th Part – You can see how much work is put into us learning the canter to walk. We eventually get it. I think the repition are good for both of us. Doesn’t give either of us a chance to overthink.


Jamielne says:

wow! he moves beautifully! my mare has a pretty choppy canter… 🙁

sassyfrassy098 says:

You are an amazing rider! I also saw Perry and Kris.

bibs12 says:

Have you ever jumped him? Do you like jumping! Hes such a good horse, my old horse Orlando, he was half way to grand prix, but he had bone spurs and i couldn’t ride him anymore, i sent him to a place called hope, so he can just walk around and get fed lol. Danny is really good, very good movements.

JazzBaby2 says:

Hehe I had a lesson with him too! He was really good! Hes coming back over to Dubai apparently in November so guna book it again wahoo! lolnice riding and love thaqt horse!

halfpassgal says:

No, but your leg in the right place ensures you are using the spur at the proper time – thus not making the lazy horse even more dull to the aids. You can create an energetic horse from a lazy one with the right aids and consistency.

halfpassgal says:

Thank you. If the leg is in the right place the spur shouldn’t be in used until you want it to be ^_^. Of course that takes time.

charmpony says:

I use spurs on my horse for cross country, she can be really stubborn. I put them away from my boot, so I can use them when I need them, not all the time.

I used to have a horse called Danny, they really are gorgeous. Lovely horse. =D

halfpassgal says:

Thank you! Yes he has competed the last two years. The first year at Training Level and the second year at 1st level. He knows the idea of showing pretty well now ^_^.

damingokid says:

he sure is a good horse. no wonder his pricing isnt cheap, lol. nothing against him of course it just that i wouldnt beable to aford that in years, lol. i can see how horses are expensive and he sure does deseve a good price! he have lovely movements. have you ever sompeted-just curious-?

smudgeandmonty says:

i always got the pictureof spurs being used unproperly because every1 ive seen wearing spurs has always been jabbing them and the horses hate it . but i understand u completely

smudgeandmonty says:

yes i understand why most people use them its just when ive seen them used allmots all of the time they are jabbing the horse. thats where i am gettin my pictures in my hed from. thnkz.

smudgeandmonty says:

ok cool
yeh i didnt think i could afford him

halfpassgal says:

There is nothing wrong with spurs. Most riders in the upper levels you see ride with spurs. They gives a more precise aid – not harsher (unless you intend that) just more precise. When a horse is more advanced the more precise to need to be with your aids. The spur can also be an aid to help reinforce aid. Does not be you jab with them. Used correctly they are a very helpful aid and not harmful.

halfpassgal says:

::points to above reply:: $25,000

smudgeandmonty says:

how much

halfpassgal says:


smudgeandmonty says:

how much is he

halfpassgal says:

Yes he is. :D

halfpassgal says:

Thank you!

halfpassgal says:

Thank you very much! I do love his prescence, he was just born thinking he is hot stuff ;D.

SearingSands says:

He’s very pretty, got alot of natural presence! Well done

rosierocksurworld says:

ah i see

halfpassgal says:

Thank you very much! ^_^

Popperette says:

Lovely to watch. So much grace-both of you. He does look like he wants to please. I so enjoyed watching you. Very pretty.

rosierocksurworld says:

why do you point your toes outwards? ,i no i do it a lot, but my instructor is always telling me thats your toes must point in

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