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Video in which a girl is jumping her horse, I have disabled the comments on this video as I’m sick of people thinking that they’d no how to ride him. He is a strapping 16.3 Hanoverian x Trakehner gelding who is a handful, he bucks cause he enjoys it there is no malice there. For god sack get over the fact that she’s not wearing a hat if you don’t agree then fine but stop going on she can’t hear you and theres no point having a go at me I’m not telling her what to do. Also stop asking stupid questions, he’s not for sale and never will be get over it, if you want a horse like this message me and I will help you find one in the mean time, go and get some lessons cause I’m sure most of you could not deal with a horse like this. As for the music get over it, put it on mute I’m not changing it, if you knew them you’d say that it suited


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