Boy you make me High

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🙂 yeah im stillll aliveeeee 🙂 🙂 🙂 BBAASSIICAALLYYYY!!!! this is Mikey 16.3 9yr Trakehner that I tried sunday 🙂 (I’ll have raws up later in the week so i can have some opinons) annyywwayyy. his owner got him a few months ago, she can no longer afford him, also she doenst have time for him cause she has 5 other horses, so he is only ridden once a week ifff that. he needs some work, you’ll see in the raws, but from the difference that i made with him in the short 20mins that i rode him i was VERY happy. with her he was running at all the jumps she couldnt get him to stop, he was “spazzing” hyped up not really listening to her. so when i got on… he tried to do to me what he did to her.. and like mr benson always said 🙂 “thou shall taketh no shit!” so i made him work! did lots of halting work made him use himself. he really just needs time but im showing him to my trainer today 🙂 wishh me luck 🙂


P W says:

The Catarcas-top of the world.

Metti Bieber says:


nobodysfool4191 says:

haha yeah it was just like a teaser video

Treasuregirl2248 says:

adorable!!! cant wait to see the rawss 😀

Breyanna Marshall says:

i have google and i cant find it =(

nobodysfool4191 says:

thanks 🙂
idk… hahah its a remix song i found on yt

Breyanna Marshall says:

i love the video … whats the song

nobodysfool4191 says:

🙂 :) 🙂

nobodysfool4191 says:

:0 awwwww :) 🙂

nobodysfool4191 says:

willll :)

nobodysfool4191 says:


nobodysfool4191 says:

thanks 🙂 trainers like him so he is coming to BWF!!

Danielle McGotty says:

aww i lovee him! you look great on him

electricstride says:

he’s gorgeous!

Shea Cirbee says:

ahh hes gorgeouss!<333 cant wait to see more videos!! i missed you!

marley4ever18 says:

Love love love! good luck! keep us updated 😉

eqismexox says:

you have to get him, just so our horses can have matching names.

soundsofsilencex3 says:

he’s so cute!! love him! hope everything works 🙂

nobodysfool4191 says:

isnt he just 🙂

nobodysfool4191 says:

me too haha

karlilove14 says:

He is wayyy to cute! 😀

Davide Alexis says:


nobodysfool4191 says:

he is sooooo preettyy. thats what made me fall for him at first haha. he looks like a 20,000 horse but he isnt anywhere near tha much haha

ZipsRedDevil says:

aww hes soo pretty. can’t wait to see more footage. Love that saying too. good luckk

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