FOR SALE: So Well Heeled — Big Eq Prospect

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Nicely built six year old Trakehner xTB standing at 16.3 hands. “Cosmo” has a huge lofty canter step and the scope to do the 3’6 and beyond. Fancy enough for hunters and handy enough for any equitation class. Is currently still green but schooling 3′-3’3 courses with ease and consistency. Lead change in the makings but not 100% there yet. Puppy dog personality and completely laid back boy. Took him out to his first show several weeks ago and schooled around like a pro, no spook, no mischief, just a well behaved gentleman. No bad habits, up to date on everything, trailers and loads fine. Currently asking $20000; looking to sell not lease. Located in South Carolina. Message here for more information or email at [email protected], serious inquiries only.



gahhh wish he was 15k:(

electricstride says:

very possibly, message me.

RidingTripp says:

Price negotiable?

iqreevo says:

pretty sure you should hold him until i win the lotto so i can bring him to australia 🙂 he’d be so perfect for me!

Katelyn Cummings says:

I love your jump at 1:25

electricstride says:

No his owner doesn’t want to list him.

Loverandi4ever says:

is he listed under any websites??

Riley Wilkerson says:

hes so great, i have a grey baby also:) i wish he was still as dark as your guy. funny how hes younger also.

EnergizerPony says:

I want him…trade you for my WBxTB

electricstride says:

there’s another video of him on this account that includes flatting and him working over higher fences.

Ellen Z says:

i didnt know you owned him he certainly is gorgous… if only if only hahaha

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