Harlem’s Sale Video

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Dodzanakal says:


jumpergirl6 says:

He is gorgeous! I have always wanted a black horse but could never find the right one. I was wondering how much you are asking for Harlem?

Jamie Wessel says:

hes gorgeous! where are you located?

Michele Koppenal says:

how much are u asking and where are u located?

iiLoveThunderrr03 says:

wow lovely horse:) how much are you asking for and where are you located?

racehorse93 says:

Wow all of the tb’s i’ve worked with have been pretty well behaved. I’ve hopped on some directly off the track and the worst thing they do is have sloppy gaits and run high headed. For me personally they always seem to be worse on the ground than undersaddle lol!

rider246 says:

Most of the horses I have been on have been “off the track” tbs. You KNOW how they can be. hehe.. I’ve had multible broken bones because of them…

racehorse93 says:

Oh ok. I know some people who get snobby about riding warmbloods. I’ve ridden a few myself. It’s just not a big deal 😉

rider246 says:

I wasn’t saying that beacuse they were warmbloods they were great, I was merely saying that they were, in fact, the best horses I have ever been on. Believe me, I love some thoroughbreds!

racehorse93 says:

haha warmbloods. You know way back when no body liked warmbloods. My trainer remembers when they were nick named “dumd-bloods” lol! I’m sticking old school with my lovely tb’s. warmbloods are nice-don’t get me wrong. but just because a horse is a ‘warmblood’ doesn’t make it amazing or anything.

rider246 says:

I trained with a Russian trainer named Yuiry Gevorkov for 10 years. He had imported warmblood stallions. They were the best horses I have ever been on. Similar to what you are used to, I’m sure. 😉

hanniethenannie06 says:

dedee cooke, debi connors & jenn kenney just to name a few 🙂

rider246 says:

try me. If they are that big, then I have heard of them. You don’t know my past, Little Girl.

hanniethenannie06 says:

why you wouldnt know any of them 😉

rider246 says:

Who? We want names.

hipersonhello says:


sbcmb says:

is he still for sale?

sbcmb says:

how much are you asking
where is she located

hanniethenannie06 says:

girl not guy =P my baddd

BOOBwoman918273 says:

this horse kinda reminds me of my horse…watch either of my videos…me riding my horse caesar or me riding my horse caesar 2…and comment on them..thx!

hav2jump says:

OMG i want him!

EQProductions561 says:

Yep, that’s her! :)

hanniethenannie06 says:

what does his wife have to do with anything, she wasnt the one who said it he was, therefore your an idiot, ya well ive trained with some of the most well know trainers in the u.s. so put that in your pipe and smoke it =)

happythesealion says:

im not mad n e more, im over that thing, i just want to see your horse. =]

happythesealion says:

oh my badd. Can you email me those pics of ur horse/pony ? =]

happythesealion says:

i didn’t say DAVID, i said TEDDY’O connor. That is the pony.

happythesealion says:

yea im suree… where are those vids of ur AMAZING HORSE????? HMMM?????

happythesealion says:

Oh and by the way, if your horse is so F.A.N.T.A.S.T.I.C. then why dont you have any videos of him on here. You have videos of Teddy O’Conner… so its not like you are uncapable of taking videos.

happythesealion says:

I didn’t call you a big ass, i said keep your big ass MOUTH shut. You brought this apon yourself. I am not just defending him, I LIKE THIS HORSE. and umm by the other comments left by the user who made this vid, he sounds like a damn good horse to me. He show’s the florida circuit, which by the way incase you didnt know is AAA, and does 4ft. So you let me know when your horse always gets blues on the AAA circuit 🙂

Ilovepaintsandpintos says:

how much

happythesealion says:

Fuck Off equestriansrock. you have no idea what this horse has done, who it was trained by and who shows it. I’m sure you make your horse out to be this big time horse who is AMAZING when really he’s prolly broken or not traine das good as you say. so do us all a favor and keep your big ass mouth shut, unless you have something nice to say!

Ilovemyoldenburg says:

Wow Amazing horse, It would be worth every penny.

hanniethenannie06 says:

oh a world polo cup rider! my god hahahahah that was a polo guy not hunters.. your an idiot, ive been riding and showing on the A circut for along time now, i can look at a horse and tell you if it would place well and win, this horse would thats what i was saying, now will you guys please leave this guy alone its not his horse he has commented several times telling you if you are interested who to contact =)

xchloe002 says:

why are u commenting ‘EquestriansRock’ what is the point? Do you get a kick out of saying shit about other peoples horses which don’t have anything to do with you?

Gorgeous horse! I’m sure he is worth every penny!!

hanniethenannie06 says:

hahah yes i know how it is with ppl and money and horses. its just ignorance and for the most part you get what you pay for ;]beautiful horse and awesome video! if i ever need one made ill let you know =]

EQProductions561 says:

Thank you. Someone who very clearly gets it. 😉 He was circuit champion here in FL just a short time ago.  Doing the 4′ now. 🙂

kaitlinlovesyoulotz says:

your horse is beautiful

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