twin foals “Glenys and George”

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twin foals born at Luketon Stud,Cumbria,England to Nutmeg ax bred mare by Chocolat de Meguro the studs own thoroughbred stallion the twins were born 16.2.08 and both are fine and well


benthorbyxx says:

my little foals i miss them :’)

GLindsley92 says:

if you look at my page you can see how the filly is doing now 🙂 xx

Horseluvaxxxxxxxx says:

awwwww beautiful! I am horse mad! Not in my amazing horse mad time have i EVER seen cute foals like that!

pittielove says:

yay! Go mom!!

GJewel2 says:

beautiful!! good job mare!

soposthardcore says:

No problem!
and yes, I agree. 🙂

GoatBlaat says:

@ soposthardcore

Okay, thank you for telling me ^^
And they’re indeed cute x3 Every foal is~

soposthardcore says:

Yes, and actually it is very unusual for both to survive. It is common for one to die before birth or shortly thereafter. Cute twins though. 🙂

GoatBlaat says:

Is it usual with twin foals that the one is smaller than the other? I noticed that after a few clips of twin foals and I was just wondering..

ponypaula says:

omg there twins weird but kewl. there so cute

jenruchito76 says:

Amazing ,  is unusual to have foal twins

wolfstar23 says:

very cute twin foals

Donica95 says:

omg they r cute verry cute

luketonstud says:

they were a pleasure to have and to watch growing up. we have sold the colt now and are keeping the filly

HighRewards says:

they are gorgeous are they both the same gender? if so that is really rare! that is awesome Congrats

brigglerox says:


brigglerox says:

wow irts rare to have twins kool , there so cut :p

furlotte2001 says:

They are so cute and congrads on having twins.

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