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With a current total of over five million DM , the offspring of this black Hanoverian stallion include seven Olympic horses and more than 60 approved stallions. He had a spectacular end to his life when in full view of several thousand spectators at Klatte’s 1993 Stallion Presentation in Vechta , the 21 year old suddenly fell to the ground after taking his last breath. Grannus was the second foal of State Premium Mare , Odessa , who was sired by the Trakehner stallion Ozean . The mare had been purchased as a filly by Grannus’s breeder Mr. Ludwig Decker in 1967. At the age of two and a half , Grannus was sent to the approval in Verden and he was already a striking stallion with that certain ‘ special something ‘ . He was eventually sold to Westphalia and his name changed to ‘Granit’. At some point after this sale , the stallion was then put up for sale again but this time as part of bankruptcy assets. The asking price was DM60,000 which was a lot of money in those days for a young stallion after just one season and as yet un-tested. He was however bought by Heinrich Klatte and renamed Grannus as there was already a stallion called ‘Granit’ in Oldenberg. The stallion had already covered mares in Westphalia for a year under the name ‘Granit’ and so to avoid confusion , he has been listed with the German Riding Federation as ‘Granit – Grannus’. After his stallion performance test in Adelheidsdorf , Grannus did not make the required time on the race track. His jumping


Stepheliz says:

He was an incredible stallion. We own an approved stallion by him, he is a wonderful horse.:)

Emma Lopez says:

He’s gorgeous and how is he fat? If you consider that fat then my friends horse must be obese! He a awesome mover beautiful colour too!! R.I.P!!

xarixaa says:

Wow beautiful horse 😉

catefrances says:

Governor was one of his offspring and competed at Barcelona Oylmpics in 1992.
If anyone has any footage of him please post it.

NattieChristopher says:

What a beautiful horse!! It’s a real shame he’s no longer with us. R.I.P. Grannus.

Billishotheismine says:

Like hell it is. I have my opinions on what is beautiful. And he’s just plain fat and ugly. I’m sorry.

sporthorsesrus1 says:

I agree with Grizzly BAsin RAnch. You’re obviously clueless…Grannus is superb. The only fault with the video is that it is too short.

Billishotheismine says:

How dare I what? Have an opinion…

grizzlybasinranch says:

Grannus is a legend in every aspect.

grizzlybasinranch says:

How dare you.

0GforG0 says:

Ich hab auch einen Enkel von ihm 🙂

Billishotheismine says:

Ew… he’s a sire? He’s fat as hell! I wouldn’t let him touch my mare.

highsocietygirlnr1 says:

den hat nen großonkel von mir gezüchtet

vejeteojete says:

He was also father of TopGun La Silla….

opalalli says:

soooooo sweeeeet ♥♥♥

peachynuthy666 says:

my horses daddy 🙂 he look just like him accept my horse has 4 white socks and a white star and snip 🙂

italianhoundlover says:

He’s Caleidos DC granfather

riminiiipartygirl says:

he’s sooooo prettyyy!!!!
my horsies grandfather…love that horse!!!!

sue170501 says:

Der Opa von meinem Dickerchen 🙂 >Einfach unbeschreiblich toll und schön dieses TIER !!! LG

samohterialc says:

He is my new colts grand dad!

WrEnAtOzErO says:

SiSi, è STUPENDO!!!=)

milliesos says:

waw hes been bizzy

Viviana Capicotto says:

Quanto è bello! un mantello spettacolare!

skasarah12 says:

congratulazioni…hai video?

gianni90ss says:

é un cavallo spettacolare……… e posso dire di essere orgoglioso di avere una sua nipote…

Raida1255 says:

I had an honour to ride with his offspring ^^

mars4e says:

OMG!!Its s…no words…so cool..ameizeng :****

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