Edward Gal Totilas Stuttgart 21 november 2009..Halfbred Trakehner.

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Halfbred Trakehner. This young son of Gribaldi-Kostolany is in fact half Trakehner ..Edward Gal the Stallion-Hengst Totilas. Stuttgart November 21 – 2009 members.chello.nl


travis king says:

a beautiful harmony between horse an rider

GioLove92 says:

I was there, it was the first time I saw Totilas and I didn’t know anything about him, but I was so impressed by that horse….

WickySunshine says:

toll :-*
und das war bei uns in Deutschland

horsecrazed75 says:

it looks like his feet aren’t even touching the ground! wow.. just wow.

lovezzify says:

AAW (: too perfect horse! beautiful and so knowledgeable!:D

Flyingpeg says:


asjk0 says:

oo so nice. just wonderful. beautiful

tennillenicole1994 says:

wow amazing!

Eli San says:

thanks for sharing this awesome video

themultihanna says:


Balkopferd93 says:

Just wonderful!

elvis6583 says:

The best dressage horse in the world! I think he’s much better than Anky’s Salinero.

octotonicflow says:

he’s the best

jinxedcm says:

Only one word comes to mind: incredible!

saparevo says:

Most wonderful horse in the world. Gives you goosebumps

janouk28 says:

Geweldige combinatie!

linnyfan2 says:

Is there anything this pair cannot do? What a gift to the sport.

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