stallion collection 2012: Totilas- Part I

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Best dressage horse of all times- Three-time World Champion, Three-time world record holder A dressage stallion in perfection, a living legend of such a quality that is certainly unique: Totilas has changed the world of dressage, set three world records, which he himself had broken again and again, within a short time under Edward Gal. Within the space of only two years, this exceptional stallion has won all the titles there are to win – two times Individual Gold and a Team Gold at the 2010′ World Championships, Individual and Team Gold at the European Championships in Windsor, 2010′ World Cup winner and best horse of the German silver team under Matthias Alexander Rath in 2011. Totilas is leading the dressage sport to new public presence. Sire of Totilas, Gribaldi, was Trakehner champion stallion, Trakehner stallion of the year 2008 and was himself internationally successful with Edward Gal. Gribaldi is on third place right behind Jazz and Florestan in the current world ranking of dressage sires (WBFSH). He has consistently produced top-class horses such as World Cup winner Painted Black/Anky van Grunsven, Grand Prix winner Sisther de Jeu/Edward Gal, Peter Pan/Beatriz Ferrer-Salat, BMC Pasternak/Coby van Baalen, Girasol/Nadine Capellmann or Zardin Firfod/Patrick Kittel. There are 19 licensed sons in Germany alone, including Trakehner champion stallion Imhotep and reserve champion All Inclusive. Totilas’ dam has produced one intermediate and one advanced level dressage


TheMicrocat says:

I’m a very dressage ignorant person, but at ~4:30 when the horse is walking, the rider’s pelvic thrust movement in the saddle really repulsed me. It looked wrong, on a few levels.

RnBramwell says:

Completely wicked to suppress the music.

jthomas6694 says:

GIVE HIM BACK TO EDWARD GAL! This child is bringing this horse down. He’s still winning hands down with this horse but scoring 10 pts below where Edward Gal had him and for obvious reasons. He didn’t earn this, the Germans didn’t earn this, its a joke and a travesty.

juli4931 says:

TOTO…You’re so amazing!!! You will alwaysbe the best!

sjaantj99 says:

and his horse-33 beutifull

sjaantj99 says:

he is soo goood!!!

jamal ruffin says:

I like this viode.

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