Khat aba+ USDF Dressage Arab/Trakehner Stallion Free Jumping

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“Khat” 2006 USDF Horse of the Year All Breed Award Winner 71.176% is an Arabian/Trakehner Dressage stallion by the great German Premium Trakehner stallion,Gr…


Mary Carpenter says:

@mawazhere13 He’s so confident he can do anything you ask of him – he never
hesitates. Khat trusts me completely. He’s one in a million!

Mary Carpenter says:

Thanks for the comment. This video was taken over 2 years ago, the first
and only time Khataba+ has ever jumped. Since then he has grown some and
filled out quite a bit doing dressage 100% of the time with trainer, Julie
Sodowsky. I would like to get him approved for the Trakehner Official Stud
Book (OSB)and breed him to Trakehner, Thoroughbred, and Warmblood mares.
There is alot of interest in him at the horse shows as a breeding sire!

Mary Carpenter says:

Yes, I can see why you liked Desert Vanity (“Diva”) & thanks for the
compliment. She is a FANTASTIC jumper, and another one of my babies. Khat,
my stallion, on the other hand LOVES dressage, his heart is really in that.
He won USEF & United States Dressage Federation Horse of the Year All Breed
Award in 2006 for the entire United States. Desert Vanity was bored with
dressage. It’s interesting to see their different personalities show their
distinct passions and aptitudes.

Jumperchick7 says:

How much are you asking?

rooktoking92 says:

Nice horse…work on slowing him down though. Are you planning to jummp him
under saddle too?

Mary Carpenter says:

Thanks for including Khat in your favorites!

Michelle Myers says:

haha yeah he did! he was FLYIN’! but he was still gorgeous doin it

huntereventer says:

wow this is the first time he has seen a jump? thats amazing…

Mary Carpenter says:

Yes this is 100% of the video, totally unedited and no trial jumps before
starting the video. You can see him trying to figure it out. We kept
raising the jumps to see his athletic tendencies for jumping and he NEVER
REFUSED. I didn’t push it by raising the jumps too high. Khat went way too
fast but again this is his first time seeing and going over any kind of
jump. He really seemed to enjoy himself.

Mary Carpenter says:

Khat is so focused on whatever he is doing. I’ve been breeding horses since
1987 and I’ve never seen one like him before. He gives 100% every time.
Khat is so affectionate too, he just loves people. He would have been the
perfect Arabian horse to live in a tent with his Master. Maybe he can jump
one day…he has time! Thanks for your comment.

meine1990 says:

I’ve got a Trakehner too but he’s just doing dressage, and when he’s whole
readdy than i can teach him jumping..=) look at my movie, that’s my
Trakehner, this horse has a beautifull jump! I love this movie!! <3

Magwian says:

i would love to ride that horse he/she looks like tons of fun to jump

sxclilcowgirl says:

gorguz arab looks like mine, he is clearing those jumps easy, nice lengthy
scoopy jump. great work i hope he is doing well.

djrealtoreel says:

Beautiful, went over those jumps perfectly =)..♥ Amazing stallion

Mary Carpenter says:

appreciate your comment. Yes, I am very lucky! Khat is wonderful.

0lyk says:

il saute bien

fruitytooty18 says:

nice horse

XxemoxqueenxX says:

Wow impressive his movement is so fluid. And you say this is the first time
he’s seen a jump? Now I know where to go if I ever want to breed my mare! 5
stars! ANd you can be sure I’ll be watching out for this stallion in the

xlacabriole says:

where are you located ?!

BarnBrat says:

It looks like your in Arizona? Is this horse for sale or something

JackaCrack1 says:

I think I liked the little gray Vanity? better I liked how she just seeemed
to put her whole heart into it and I liked how she tucked her knees too!

Mary Carpenter says:

If I could talk my Dressage Trainer into jumping him I would. She’s shown
horses jumping over 7 feet at the Cow Palace in Denver! Now she ONLY does
dressage. This was the very first time he had seen a jump and seemed to
have liked the experience. He went through like a “pro” every time. This is
raw footage, no editing. Do you want me to let you know when I start
breeding him?

tpa92190 says:

he looks scared and overface.. im notsure why he’s doing multiple fences
his first time jumping. I’ve always been taught to use a single pole
progress to a small crossrail, and eventually jump small verticals long
before introducing a second fence.

edpatch says:

Beautiful way of going, extremely athletic..Don Patch

Mary Carpenter says:

This is their first time ever free jumping or jumping at all, the first
time ever even going over a pole or cavaletti. When they figure it out they
LEARN to go slower. You can teach them to go as SLOW as you want, but first
to need to see IF they WILL jump at all. They loved the experience and had

Mary Carpenter says:

No, he’s not for sale. I plan to start breeding him next year.

Mary Carpenter says:

I plan to start his breeding career next Spring 2008. Thanks for the

morgierules says:

breathtaking. Arabs are not just a horse. There is something about them.
Your horse is beautiful. Very keen and FANTASTIC at jumping! Ibecause he
stretches out so much! So sweet! He can fly and it doesn’t really matter if
he rushes to the jump if he finds that an easy way to do it then thats the
right way to jump it I guess! Stunning! I love it how he is just walking at
the beginning then rushes forwards really fast! He is one of the most
beautiful horses I have ever seen!

Mary Carpenter says:

Khat is my dressage horse and only dressage. He was USDF Horse of the Year
All Breed Award Winner in 2006 and USEF Region Horse of the Year in 2006f.
This was his very first time ever seeing a jump and we just wanted to see
if he had any talent or tendencies to jump. He had never even gone over any
cavaletti before this. Khat’s brave and figured it out…alittle fast but
he jumped honestly.

Mary Carpenter says:

That would be a good cross. Khat’s grandsires are Khemosabi and Comar Bay
Beau, both US National Champions and Canadian National Champion stallions.
Do you have a daughter of Magnum Psyche or Afire Bey V? I live in
Scottsdale. Check out his dressage videos on YouTube.

Mary Carpenter says:

Wow! Thank you. The ultimate compliment is my stallion being chosen to
breed to your mare. Yes, this is his first time seeing a jump and going
over one!

Mary Carpenter says:

Khat was taken over to this place with my other horses to see what he could
do. He hadn’t ever seen ANY kind of a jump before. The best way to
determine if a horse has the athletic and mental ability to jump is to take
them through a jump chute like this BEFORE you put alot of money into them
for jumping training. Khat has such a great temperament, is very athletic
and will do anything you want him to do. Right now he is in dressage
training 100% of the time.

itsahorseything says:

Wow he’s gorgeous! Who cares if he’s going “too fast”! It’s his firt time
guys, give him a break! Beautiful stallion! You’re very lucky!

Mary Carpenter says:

That’s a lot to expect of a horse for the very first time SEEING a jump and
then going OVER one, don’t you think? He had never even gone over cavalleti
before! I wanted to see what kind of instincts & natural ability he had for
jumping before any training and he did GREAT! He figured it all out and
gets better with every jump as you can see. Thanks for the comment.

ShowJumper004 says:

I totally agree with Maxxsgirl

jmdnarri says:

lovely form in the air.

Maxxsgirl says:

He’s got his eye on that last vertical the whole way through the
combination. Too funny! It’s a bit of a shame he’s not doing any jumping

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