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Debbie Lawrence says:

He is known by most of the folks I know who are into horses. I saw him jump here in New Hampshire once and am glad I was so blessed to witness him in action.

leamsideequestrian says:

Abdullah is the brother to our stallion Isolan.. both sired by Donauwind.. He was an amazing sire.

horsebunni says:

abdullah is the father of one the horses my trainer and her trainer work with!!! amazing horses in this line

PiaBaby17 says:

Der Opa meines Pferdes 🙂 Hammer!

XxLKxX07 says:

Abdullah is my mares grandsire

EchoHillEventing says:

I am riding his son who is also a stallion! He is such a beautiful boy looks exactly like his dad and jumps like him too 😉

SnowKitten53 says:

lol, nothing much has changed since then haha,

RiderGirl6123 says:

This is my horse’s sire! They look so much alike it’s crazy. 🙂

IronicDonzi6 says:


DressageDreamer1234 says:

He’s jumps over those jumps effortlessly! He makes it look so easy!

scotia mccombie says:

Sorry I forgot about this too! Dam line is Rittersporn/Pasteur/Morgenglanz – thats going back a few years now! She had her foal last May – but by a Dutch jumping horse, Marlon (didnt take with the two tries to Dounazauber which cost a fortune!). Foal was tiny, required plasma trans, etc – but coming on cracking now!
Hope you & your traks are all well! 🙂

babygirlsquirrel says:

Yup…she has a future in jumping but i think she could also do dressage:)She overtracks at her lazy walk its hilarious!My friends are like no fair!I luv her to death!She has alota good bloodlines and a great temperment…very quiet and calm but can be very energetic!

khunter116 says:

You have a well-bred filly that should jump. I’m sure you’re aware her sire Advocate was a Grand Prix Jumper as well.

babygirlsquirrel says:

This is my filly’s grand grand sire! He is gorgeous!but her sire is advocate:)

michael schrader says:

Zeig dein Mut Trakehnerblut

hijackedizzy says:

My colt’s dam is by Abdullah out of an Admiral (Absatz) mare. She jumped for Canada at Young Riders in the 4-6-4’9s, she definitely has his face shape and huge eyes!

Grace Zucker says:

Thats my bff’s horse’s sire =D

khunter116 says:

Not only did he win the (team) Gold & (individual) Silver in the ’84 Olympics, he also won the 1984 World Cup in West Berlin, and in August 1985, won Team Gold and Individual Silver @ Aachen. Abdullah is VERY well-known in Europe, and if yoiu’ll ask a few more people, suspect you’ll find this is also true in the UK! BTW, nice sire line; who’s the dam of your mare?

scotia mccombie says:

This is my mares’ line (She is by Matador, from Donauwind – who also sired Abdullah. No-one in UK seems to know or acknowledge Abdullah – yet he won the Gold in 1984 Olypics for USA. I guess they didnt watch when I did. Scotia

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