SOLD 3 Months oldForSale:son of PremiumGerman son of EH Michelangelo:’09

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Close is more of this colt for sale.this is at 3 mos;video of 7mosthis is at 3 at 7 mos.old Raconteur’s sire ,Guy Laroche is the German #1 producer of GOOD LEGS in Studbook mares(50+)German Trakehner Verband Premium stallion.www. .GUY LAROCHE German Verband Premium stallion ( EH Michelangelo x Galante V elite mare )16.3 hh GUY LAROCHE is # 1 FOUNDATION (LEGS and HOOVES) Trakehner SIRE, EVER ! In the most recent (08) breeding value index for German Trakehner Verband sires of Official Studbook approved mares,Guy is # 1 ( click)( over 50 daughters with high inspection marks ) in the rankings of hundrdeds of German Trakehner sires,present and past,for siring mares with the best quality foundations. And for overall quality ( movement , conformation , general impression and all characteristics judged)Guy Laroche is 10 th -among all German Trakehner stallions ever – for siring high quality approved mares.This puts Guy in a class with such well-known greats as Caprimond (click)Partout (click) Munchhausen (click) and many others. Furthermore,while you can hardly go wrong with outstanding legs,gaits and conformation ,among sporthorse owners in Germany,Guy is respected also as a sire of ATHLETIC competitors with very GOOD CHARACTER and trainability. Some of Guys most noteable performing offspring are : ALVARO(03 USDF Horse-of-the Year at 3rd level) and VELIJANOW ( a top 10 6 yr. old jumper in


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