Ballerina’s foal’s first moments

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Karissa1Mae says:


Mazeeyyy says:

Awwwwwww, a beutiful foal <3

Hereenya says:

Belle is such a beautiful foal <3

horseyshoes101 says:

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ;3

Charla Schultheis says:

Hi Precious ^-^ Adorable :)

HulluHevos1 says:

Voi miten söpöjä

HatashiLuvsU says:

oh gosh she’s so cute, and what a good mama!

DarkRedKitten says:

So cute but I think TheSmileyGirly is right. The flash from the camera should be off.

wnesbitt1 says:

Amazing and beautiful.

Lucie Taylor says:

what a beauty legs! Cuteeeee 😀

StarWolves1 says:

whos the father? lol how sweet

bb123699 says:

Sooo Close!! But Belle is still a great name!

kotek420 says:

What a pretty baby! Brings a tear to the eye!

VivaLaRuth says:

what a beauty!

Briankiba1 says:

Soooooo Cute!

freyarolla says:

sometimes people call colts foals

Sarah Box says:

Close – she was called Belle!

bb123699 says:

I would have a perfect name for that foal! Take ballerina’s first 5 letters and switch the a and e! Bella! See perfect!

Tamika Hampton says:

It’s amazing how foals and fillies can stand only minutes after their born! ^^

iheartjordan98 says:

i know i hate gravity to.

boomjustlikethat says:

both lol

happysun995 says:

whats is it a foal or a filly?

ancatdubh43 says:


HorseyHow2Channel says:

what breed

TheSmileyGirly says:

Yeah, it’s like being asleep then at 2:00 am waking up and turning on the light. Except much worse because the foal has been in the womb wayyyyyy longer.

xxoSerenity says:

I know! The light is already bright enough, they could have at least turned it off! do you wanna like blind the new foal? Jeez.

eenhoorntje2 says:


Adora Ang says:

awww ! what a sweetheart !

snookiebarrett says:

She’s got wonderful ears!

TheSmileyGirly says:

Haha, pretty much.

Camgurlof1990 says:

Yeah, but people do it either way. Hell, it could be on a Bieber video that someone has tweaked, so he looks like a weirdo, and they’ve disabled the commenting on it, they would probably be getting hate messages for a year lol.

TheSmileyGirly says:

It’s fine if you didn’t see it, it just annoys me when people reply to my comments when it was posted like 6 months ago or something.

Camgurlof1990 says:

Yes, they can. And I didn’t see the date as well, so I do apologize 🙂

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