Excellent Black Beauty – Trakehner licensed stallion Very elegant horse with great gaits and natural balance, good head, mild and steady tempered, quiet and calm for every rider – for the dressage amateur and the professional. Real eye-catcher. Born in 2008. 172cm tall. Glint in his eye, beautiful head, perfectly set neck, proportioned body and jet black hair makes him the dream of every rider. Easy to ride, pleasant in his mouth, comfortable to sit, light on aids and safe. Very easy to handle in the stable, in transport and while riding on the close or open area between other horses or only by himself. [More]
Farrier cauterizing the hoof of a Trakehner mare. He heats the horseshoe in a small furnace (in his truck) and then shapes it on an anvil. Once it’s cooled a little, he puts the shoe on the foot to help seal it against dryness or moisture, as well as to determine to fit of the shoe, and I’m sure many other reasons. This particular shoe is a natural balance shoe.