See Zauberlilie: Dreijährige Trakehner Stute von Perechlest (Ulla Salzgeber) aus einer St.Pr.u.VPr.St. von Gribaldi. Nach allgemeinem Training wurde die Stute im Frühjahr angeritten. Seit 2 Wochen läuft sie ohne Longe unter dem Reiter in der Halle. Die Stute ist leichtrittig und brav. Sie zeigt beste Grundgangarten mit sehr aktivem Hinterbein und viel Schulterfreiheit. Unter Beachtung, dass die Stute erst sehr kurze Zeit unter dem Sattel geht, ist der Schritt weit untergreifend, der Trab raumgreifend mit guter Knieaktion und der Galopp bereits bergauf gesprungen. Die Stute weist sehr viel Potenzial auf und wird nur in beste, fördernde Hände abgegeben. Weitere Bilder und Informationen gern unter [More]
Daka is a beautiful 11/12 year old Arabian-Trakehner. She was a broodmare for a breeder who just had too many horses, and she’s the dam of Nick, the really spectacular yearling we adopted out this fall. We’ve started her under saddle and without too much time this lovely mare is doing so well. You can literally see her learning and improving during this video–this is a smart mare. Her movement screams dressage (even as she’s still building muscle mass and learning to travel with a rider on some kind of nasty ground in our arena!) and she’d be an amazing eventer too with her long [More]
Trakehner mare Fu Long by Amatcho o/o Fontana di Trevi xx by Lavirco xx. First free jump. Video by Ulrike Sahm-Lütteken, Trakehner-SL, Cologne, Germany.
If you have a horse, you are almost sure to have thought – sometime – that the horse in the next box has such a beautiful long silky tail, and let’s face it, you were jealous! Well, there is no reason to be jealous any more! Actually, you are on the verge of being the owner all the other people will be jealous of! How? Well, it is really easy, and you will able to do it yourself with NO PROBLEMS! Take a look at the video and then CLICK HERE FOR A LONGER MANE AND TAIL FOR YOUR HORSE! You will be so pleased [More]
“We haven’t seen a mover like this in a long, long time” and “feasted our eyes on the great ground cover and use of joints” were comments by the inspection c…
Imago, 2006 German Approved Trakehner Stallion (out of Long Deal) owned by David Beattie (KD Trakehners) ridden by Silvia Geyer. In this Video: pictures of his stallion inspection, free jumping video (at home) and riding video (annual meeting of the American Trakehner Association).
Weldon is 6 year old 16 hands 3 bay trakehner gelding registered with Canadian Trakehner Horse Society. He has bouncy trot and long stride in canter. Works well on the bit in three gates. Aptitude for dressage, a great scoop over fences . Will make a pleasant mount for a serious junior or adult amateur. For more information please call 450 676 4311 or e-mail us at [email protected]
12/10/2006 – Second day of two. Clinic with Tom Noone on my Trakehner gelding, Danny. We are schooling 2nd level. I apologize again, some of these were extremely dark. I did my best to lighten them. It may still be hard to see. 1st Part – Doing some counter-canter. When we went back across the diagnol he wanted more canter, I didn’t sit enough and Danny kind of came against me, but then we put it back together. Then tried again on the long side, went much better. It is hard to see though. We weren’t going for huge and impressive either, just getting the [More]
As title. My friend Shauna (Savvylover211, her clips are on her page) and I took Boo and Phoebe up to Tullymurray were we met the lovely Alice (AllyEquestrian). Sorry if the videos abit long and/or boring. The mares jumped out of their skins, we jumped some pretty big fences too so good day all round!! Alice rode Boo too and I jumped her mare callie (who is so similar to Boo to ride!!) This is probably the hardest XC Boo has done to date, this was her 5th time ever!! Jumped her first trakehner, some big hedges and drops etc, love taking her XC, she’s [More]