Excellent Black Beauty – Trakehner licensed stallion Very elegant horse with great gaits and natural balance, good head, mild and steady tempered, quiet and calm for every rider – for the dressage amateur and the professional. Real eye-catcher. Born in 2008. 172cm tall. Glint in his eye, beautiful head, perfectly set neck, proportioned body and jet black hair makes him the dream of every rider. Easy to ride, pleasant in his mouth, comfortable to sit, light on aids and safe. Very easy to handle in the stable, in transport and while riding on the close or open area between other horses or only by himself. [More]
Tommie shows his Liberty training with his newest Liberty horse, the Black. The Black, born in 2007 is a Trakehner stallion. The Art of Liberty is when you communicate with your horse by using body language and voice to direct your horse. The horse makes the decision to be there with you. Unlike “de-sensitized” horses who just follow the leader, Tommie wants his horses to keep and have their spirit. He teaches them to think, make decisions and most of all, be a horse. Horses will run away, but they make the conscious decision to come back. This video was shot in Dec. 2011 at [More]
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16.3HH 8 yr old Trakehner gelding. Tall, dark & handsome with a great neck for a rider with a tall upper body. Schooling second level dressage, and has FEI level potential. Will excel in dressage but also loves to jump. Has done 3ft. courses (with changes), and schooled up to pre-training on the X/C field. Loves to hack – bombproof on roads and in new environments. Would be a great match for an experienced spunky junior rider. Owner is at University and sadly isn’t able to give him the time he deserves. Price reduced to $9000 obo Please check out his ad on the hcbc.ca [More]
Her dam is a 3/4 sister to the 2009 “TRAKEHNER of the YEAR”Kostolany.See www.stjohnwarmbloods.com . She is 16.3. Uses her back and neck especially well.Optimal attachment of neck to body.Very talented FEI prospect or eventer.Holds her head very steady when ridden.Has DAP,hindlegs touch ground before front at trot,very good.Pays close attention to rider.Purebred Trakehner ORB-A-M2586 filly foaled 5-03. Superstitious is 16.3 hh at 5 yrs old. She is feminine yet has the look-at-me presence of a stallion. Very correct conformation and show ring gorgeous even though she stays out on pasture all the time. Fantastic movement at all gaits. Good disposition. Her sire, Heling, was [More]