Edward Gal & Moorlands Totilas Kür 92.300% FEI WORLD CUP DRESSAGE 2009 UK London Olympia

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Sarah Johnson says:

And umm that’s not what I said wow. I know what rollkur/hyperflexion does to a horse. You can see it. Read next time douche bag

tabbykittyify says:

umm use of rollkur was banned by FEI 3 years ago. it’s not the “cool new thing.” it’s the use of force to create flexion via pain. it’s ruins the horses’ backs.

Maria Pikis says:

To everybody thats posting: Dressage is unnatural, horses are beaten to dance that way, etc. If that happens, then it isn’t REAL dressage. Dressage is harmony,balance,trust. I do show jumping and dressage with my horse. After a jumping class, he starts to do his spanish walk and much more other moves (makes me look good hihi ^^). without beating him or even asking him. he just loves it! If you look at his face, he’s enjoying it 🙂 That is true dressage, just as the one in this video people 🙂

thatquietgirlinclass says:

this video would be so much more beautiful if it didn’t have the woman talking over it

hmg4v says:

3:10 is probably my favorite part. Extended trot down the center line *shivers*

Daylightmissyou says:

da war er noch hübsch und schlank… jezt ist alles geschwollen…

christian lovell says:

One day i wish i could ride as good as edward him and carl hester are the best 😉

exquisiteillusions says:

Lol, omg I love all the people who commented on here saying that horses are abused when being taught dressage: lmfaooo. NOT. It teaches both the horse and rider to move together in perfect harmony. Its not abuse and if you’ve seen it as abuse or with the horse looking in pain then it was not being done correctly and the person had no idea what they were doing or it was just a bad moment which you managed to see.

xoDarcyTheMarexo says:


janet smith says:

or “bitch, I’m fabulous”

Sarah Johnson says:

It’s called Roll Kur it’s a new thing and the FEI allows it…. search it up….

Sarah Johnson says:

HOLY CRAP didn’t know that a score could get this high. Love how Edward Gal rides.

Willowsong12 says:

Thank you! Please before you comment people, learn a few things.

scmarshtacky says:

Foaming at the bit a GOOD thing.In fact,I’ve been working months,using no techniques whatsoever other than my body and a little reins,to get my horse to foam like that.Foaming means they are supple at the poll,and that they are using their body well.Go look it up,ask any credible horse person,I promise they will tell you it is a good thing. Now,it is also true,that people in dressage can use underhanded techniques,what dicipline doesn’t at some point? I can tell you for certain,that he did not.

LuvMitch247 says:

Sorry…I disagree. I’ve seen too many videos that confirm abuse when *teaching* (demanding) these steps. It’s horrific!

Supasin Kongpun says:

the part at 4:57 and 5:49 are 2 tempi and 1 tempi respectively they are also known as sequence changes every 1 or 2 strides also they are known as 2 and 1 time changes

Supasin Kongpun says:

What are you talking about??? I am not saying you are wrong but I do not agree with you, Totilas performs out of TRUST and TRUST only…


I love dressage. The amazing art of communicating with the horse in order to perform movements that come natural in the wild. What a privilege!

ArabKate says:

That is true, but it can also mean discomfort from the bit

ArabKate says:

The canter pirouette? 

dagensxoptur says:

And again at 5:49? 🙂

dagensxoptur says:

What’s the part at 4:57 called? 🙂

creativius says:

Lecker Pferderouladen….das is doch kein sport ey…

LuvMitch247 says:

Thank you! I am always concerned for the horse. I’ve seen so many on FB Pages and UTUBE. I keep up with a lot of *Horse Rescue* shelters. The horses are beyond recognizable until they are rehabilitated. Yes…*THAT* is where I’m coming from. It makes me feel so sad…I just want to cry when I see the pictures. However, I also understand Competitions. I would have to see the *Training* in process.

Caroline Yates says:

If Totalis could talk: “Bitch please, I got this.”

missingpersontwo says:

(continued) Some just aren’t made for that, their bodies don’t fit the dressage standards, and forcing them to be ridden like that is abusive and painful. Just compare the bodies of a grand-prix dressage horse, and an olimpic-level show jumper… People that are used to only one side of the coin can’t understand the other. Dressage can, indeed, be stressful and abusive for some kinds of horses, but obviously this happy and dancing Totilas in not in that group! =)

missingpersontwo says:

Lets remember that horses are very different from each other, physically and psychologically. I always see comments of people saying that dressage is abusive and painful for the horse, and others denying it. In my opinion, both sides of the story are correct – it only depends on the horse… some are physically confortable while working on dressage – good, non-violent dressage that respects the limits of the horse, even an outstanding one – which makes them happy horses. Totilas is an example.

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