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Tim and Cheryl Holekamp breed and train Olympic level Trakehner Eventing horses. This film explores their methods and offers a fascinating insight into the historic lineage of their champion stallion, Windfall.


xinxila2003 says:

Very good video. I saw him the first time with Ingrid Klimke when he was 5. fantastic horse!

lhroberts1 says:

I just bought a Windfall baby and she is amazing. Similar looks and demeanor.

albm1973 says:

What a great tribute to WIndfall, a history of eventing and the Trakehner breed. I fell in love with Windfall when I first saw him at the Kentucky Rolex and was pleasantly surprised to find out he is a Missouri bred horse, my home state. I’ve been keeping an eye out for him ever since.

pattywmson says:

Excellent video and informative. Wonderful horse and breeding program. Also will be ordering some fly predators asap!

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