HUNO, Étalon Trakehner

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Reviewed. HUNO *Ps* was approved the American and Canadian Trakehner Associations, but as of this publication date is listed as “Inactive.” He is 16.2-1/2 hands

Information from the Owner, Lyne Joly

Lines: Van Deyk, Ravel, Donaufuerst

Huno was approved by the ATA during the inspection of August 13, 2005 in Ottawa Lake, Michigan. Huno was the grand champion Stallion 3-4 years and more in Toronto, Ontario.

Huno, is a standard Trakehner, born 2001, 16.2-1/2 hands. He is the first offspring of the Stallion Magritte and High Class. The father of Huno, Magritte, is the only descendant approved in America of the champion Van Deyk. Van Deyk celebrates the grand prix dressage in Germany, is an honored Premium Stallion and father of several élite stallions. High Class, mother of Huno, is a recognized “Elite Mare” in Germany. She is also a renowned line, Ravel.

Coming from a such line, Huno will certainly experience a more promising future in dressage.

Huno may be available for stud service. If you are interested do not hesitate to contact Huno’s owner, Lyne Joly, Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada, phone (819) 345 2206


wendypittmon says:

I own one of his full sisters (Healy)!  She is a pleasure to ride and train and looks just like her brother! Heading to the show ring next year!

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