5 year old grey Trakehner mare by Trocadero (Enrico Caruso out of Thirza) out of Orana Pr St, St Pr St (Tanzmeister I out of Oksana Pr St). Best Trakehner bl…
I know, this video is not about Trakehners, but it is so sweet that I just had to put it here! Oh, for the record, it is also not about Clydesdales, and it is also not about beer. It is also not commercial – no commissions are paid to anybody on this page. Just turn up your sound a little bit and enjoy!
If you have a horse, you are almost sure to have thought – sometime – that the horse in the next box has such a beautiful long silky tail, and let’s face it, you were jealous! Well, there is no reason to be jealous any more! Actually, you are on the verge of being the owner all the other people will be jealous of! How? Well, it is really easy, and you will able to do it yourself with NO PROBLEMS! Take a look at the video and then CLICK HERE FOR A LONGER MANE AND TAIL FOR YOUR HORSE! You will be so pleased [More]
Reviewed. Herbstkoenig v. Interconti – Timber | Here you can watch Herbstkoenig at the 2013 stallion show at Klosterhof Medingen in northern Germany. Herbstkoenig won the German National Trakehner Championship in 2011. He completed the 70 day Test in Marbach scoring 8.17 points overall! Herbstkoenig represents the epitome of Trakehner stallions. He was second placed at the 2010 German Trakehner licensing, and his style and elegance has stolen the hearts and pocketbooks of Trakehner breeders worldwide. This premium stallion shows the real ideal of the Trakehner breed – sporty, noble, clean lines and a cool reserved personality. Type, interior, a refined exterior, basic gaits, jumping [More]
Reviewed. 2003 Hanoverian/Trakehner Mare. Held at the Tasse Trak Farm, 4068 Old Whitley Road, London, Kentucky 40744 / USA – not far from Berea, Ky. E/mail: [email protected], phone: +1 (606) 864-7800
Reviewed. Pr. St. POLARBLUT VOM KROTENBACH 1.66m 2006 TRAKEHNER Trakehnergestüt Stall KROTENBACH Schnellmark 33 24340 Altenhof / Germany (near Eckernfoerde, Schleswig-Holstein, north of Hamburg) E-Mail: [email protected] Telefon: 04351/76950 Apparently Polarblut was offered for sale at the Trakehner Hengstmarkt riding horse auction 2012. Do not know the results.
Reviewed. Reserve Champion 2012 at the 50th Trakehner Hengstmarkt in 2012. This chic young man blew away the competition, and it is easy to see why. At three years, Guardian is already a desired stallion for stud service, with excellent blood lines (father Imperio, mother’s side Consul and Herzkoenig) to back up his own performance and appearance.
Schauen Sie sich die Bilder auf dem Video oben (leider nur auf Englisch) an – sie sind echten, nicht-retuschierten Fotos von Pferden, vor, während und nach einiger Zeit der Behandlung um ihren Schweif und Schwänze etwas zu machen, worauf Sie stolz sein können. Können Sie sich vorstellen, welche Reaktionen auf Ihr Pferd kommen werden wegen die erstaunlichen Ergebnissen nach nur kurze 2-6 Monate? Wie Sie in einigen dieser Bilder sehen können, sind die erste Ergebnisse nach nur zwei Wochen der Behandlung bereits sichtbar. Wie machen Sie das? Damit Ihr Pferd längere MÄHNE und SCHWEIF hat, klicken Sie hier! Nehmen Sie Ihre eigene Fotos auf, wie [More]
Reviewed. “Hill” bei seinen ersten Geländesprüngen im Jahr 2007. Sahrendorf is a small village on the edge of the Lueneberger Heide in northern Germany, and as you can see in the video, the riding and training area offers a wonderful landscape for the first efforts with jumps and even water for the first time. We cannot offer any additional information on Hill, other than what you can see.
You have a horse, right? I’m sure you’ve thought – at one time or another – that the horse in the box across the way has such a wonderful long smooth mane, and, well, let’s be honest, you were jealous! There is no longer any reason for you to be jealous of any horse ever again! Get ready to be the owner of the horse everyone else is jealous of! How can that be? Well, it’s really easy, and I can tell you how to do it yourself! Look at the video above and CLICK HERE FOR A SILKIER TAIL AND MANE! You will like [More]
Reviewed. Holster is the last approved* son of Graditz *E*, out of Halle by Meistersinger *Ps* out of Hela VII *E* (Honor Roll). Holster is an American Trakehner Association approved stallion as of January 10, 2009. (* see the notice below) Here is the owner’s description of Holster: Holster is a medium weight, very athletic stallion with an ideal neck and a large and powerful hind end that is always well underneath the center of gravity. Holster also shows very good aptitude over fences. His conformation and legs are correct. Holster’s sire, Graditz *E*, was a premium approved stallion, and completed a class one performance [More]
Reviewed. HUNO *Ps* was approved the American and Canadian Trakehner Associations, but as of this publication date is listed as “Inactive.” He is 16.2-1/2 hands Information from the Owner, Lyne Joly Lines: Van Deyk, Ravel, Donaufuerst Huno was approved by the ATA during the inspection of August 13, 2005 in Ottawa Lake, Michigan. Huno was the grand champion Stallion 3-4 years and more in Toronto, Ontario. Huno, is a standard Trakehner, born 2001, 16.2-1/2 hands. He is the first offspring of the Stallion Magritte and High Class. The father of Huno, Magritte, is the only descendant approved in America of the champion Van Deyk. Van [More]
Review. An impressive and expressive demonstration at Hagen. There were a few small problems that held eight-year-old (here) Imperio back ridden by Hubertus Schmidt, 5 May 2011, FEI Intermediaire I, and a somewhat disappointing 74.079%, although it was the leading score to this point in the program.
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www.dressage.be Kentucky, siegerhengst Trakehner 2009 hier auf der Hengstschau in Aachen 2010.
16.2h bay Canadian Trakehner gelding by Carino. Jumps, events, shown 1st level & schooled 2nd level dressage. For more info contact Kobau Farm (204) 437-4688…
Hengstschau Majenfelderhof, Reiner Seemann mit Irdenkreis, Danny Bartel mit Occacio. Trakehnerhengste – Stall Krotenbach – www.stall-krotenbach.com/cms/
“Das ist ein unglaubliches Pferd. Ich habe schon 55 internationale Grand-Prix geritten, aber er ist einer der Besten, wenn nicht sogar der Beste den ich hatt…
Special Memories, Trakehner stallion (Abdullah-Kluwall xx ) Stallion successfully jumped up to 1.6m/World Cup classes By Gold/Silver Medalist and maternal br…